The Scorpio Love Mystery

As it enters its second experience in the Water element, the now mature soul welcomes the chance for meditation through a return of the negative feminine Night Forces of the Scorpio consciousness. On a public level, Scorpio is enormously capable of executing the now very familiar duties as a Fixed Organizer. On a personal level, Scorpio is troubled to discover that he faces for the first time the awesome mystery of his own existence. Where did he come from? - where is he going? - why is he here? Scorpio must tear the veil from life, regardless of the cost, to quiet his restless spirit, suddenly released from its former preoccupation with earthly needs alone, as he cries out: "I DESIRE! " There is much that the Scorpio soul knows.... but even more that is sensed and cannot yet be defined. The Scorpio vibration brings such a burning  need to penetrate the unknown that it must be buried beneath deep layers of calm reason, or it would consume the mind and sear the soul.

 Lessons well remembered from Libra softness and impartial judgment have made Scorpio wary of expressing opinions to those who would tear them apart. The strong Scorpion instinct for survival springs from a deep-seated fear that he who is not forearmed will be destroyed. Each defeat sustained by Scorpio only strengthens the inner conviction that the first loyalty must be to his or her own personal integrity. For Scorpio senses that if the self is lost, then all is lost. On the Scorpio level of consciousness, the soul is newly aware of the relationship between birth, death, sex and religious truth. Scorpio knows that, in some mystical way, these are all intertwined. Therefore, sex becomes something intimately explored with an intensity unknown to those either behind or ahead of Scorpio's stage of evolvement.

Although Scorpio trusts love only after it has proven itself deserving of such trust, once dedicated to another, loyalty is unswerving and eternal. Feeling fiercely the need to protect themselves and those they love from hurt, Scorpio is compelled to demand "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" as insurance that injuries will not be repeated. Through the subtle influence of the ruling planet Pluto, the experience of death comes to the Scorpio soul, as friends and relatives pass away, increasing the need to penetrate even deeper for the knowledge buried in the silent subconscious. While Scorpio's spirit soars upward like the eagle, defying gravity, worldly desires and passions intensify, forcing him to question his own worthiness. Ultra-sensitive, but now able to totally disguise such sensitivity, Scorpio now learns the amazing power of his or her own mind - the silent will - and uses it secretly, lest others learn how to use the same kind of power over him - or her. The Scorpio consciousness is the period of the soul's testing. Scorpio's positive qualities are loyalty, will power, magnetism, gentleness, insight and amazing self-control. Expressed in their negative form they become ruthlessness, fanaticism, revenge, sadism, suspicion and self-hatred. To Scorpio men and women, love is a consuming flame, worth any sacrifice - and they must conquer its challenge. Sexually uninhibited, yet emotionally fearful and mentally suspicious, they strive desperately to unite love's physical and spiritual vibrations, with a strange mixture of eroticism and purity. But the satisfaction of desire only leaves the Scorpio soul still hungry for something beyond.
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