Celebrate This holi According your Zodic Sign Color's ,Happy Holi 2015

It's the first zodiac sign ruled by Mars. Their lucky colour is red. As Aries are high on energy, they are very active people. Red colour suits them well. It's a warm colour, which acts as a stimulant that provides good energy to Ariens.

These are people who love to live in their own space, like to work within their own time frame. White colour is good for them. Taurians always try to stay away from hooks and crooks in their life. White is the colour of truth and purity and helps to calm them down.

Lucky colour for Geminis is light green. Geminis are very talkative and tend to have dual nature. Light green colour is good for nurturing their intellect, as they are thinkers. Light green colour helps them to balance their mental abilities.

White is the lucky colour for Cancerians, if it has a silver tinge to it, it's best suited to them. Basically this sign is ruled by the moon, which reflects a sensitive and emotional side. The colour white helps you balance the sensitive and emotional side of Cancerians.

A zodiac sign ruled by the Sun, the golden hue is best suited for Leos, as this sign is also known as the royal sign. It helps in good administration and brings out the ruling qualities of a Leo.

A dark green colour or a shade of purple really works wonders for you.

White and turquoise are apt for this sign. Libras are very polite people as well as good artists and romantic by nature. So, white and blue shades suit their personality and temperament.

This sign is ruled by Mars. Fiery orange is their lucky colour. Scorpios are ambitious and since orange indicates health and vitality, it helps people who live an unhealthy life and are hyperactive by nature.

Being ruled by Jupiter, the basic colour for this sign is yellow. People born to this sign can use it for success and growth, but due to the duality in nature, and their tendency to be hyper active Saggies need to calm their restlessness. In such case, pink and light purple
help to soothe and relax them.

A polite and spiritual sign. They achieve their targets by maintaining a low profile. For this spiritual and calm sign light, blue and purple are the best colours. These two colours indicate a pure spiritual feeling and consciousness.

It's another sign ruled by Saturn. People who belong to this sign have depth, are spiritual and strong. Black, grey, dark blue and brown are lucky for them. These colours signify an artistic, harmonious nature and spiritual understanding, which help this intellectual sign.

Ruled by Jupiter, yellow is their lucky colour. This hue helps them to attain high soul qualities. It gives abundance of mental power to Pisces. It's the colour of growth and confidence, and helps this sign to grow, and sometimes control their fickle mind.


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