April 2015
(i) The aspect of a planet on another planet will set up a relationship between the houses that the two planets occupy, and between the house occupied by the aspecting planet and the houses owned by the aspected planet,
(ii) The aspect of a planet on a house sets up a relationship between the planet and houses owned and occupied by it, and the aspected house,
(iii) The karaka qualities of each planet involved in the aspect will also operate. In case of mutual aspect, the karaka qualities will combine to give resultant effects,
(iv) The aspecting planet will pass on its influence according to its nature for a particular ascendant. It will modify the influence of the aspected planet accordingly. The aspect of a friend of the owner of the ascendant on another planet will be beneficial,
(v) The aspecting planet will also carry with its aspect the effect of any planet that is in conjunction with it or aspects it, and the sign in which it is placed,

Man is the solution to all problems in every chapter of Durga as Sptsati have difficulty according to the chapter as a way of Durga Saptshati Kamnapurthy-
·        First Chapter I-  to erase all of the concern.
·        Chapter II -trial fight for victory in the beginning.
·        Chapter III - to get rid of the enemy.
·        Chapter IV -- devotion power and philosophy.
Physical features:
Tall and well formed body, height above average, long slender hands, moderate complexion, depression near chin, active and clear speech, sharp and active eyes, black eyes, long nose,mole on face.
Bold with keen understanding of human nature, humane and sympathetic. Remarkable for ingenuity, originality and intellectual ability, cabable of grasping situations on spur of moment. Liable to lose from fraud and deception. Get providential help. Unusual power of adaptability. Variable temperament, restlessness, impatience. Gain competence in all mental pursuits. Lack in determination, quick decision and concentration. Tend to become experts in mechanical sciences. Business like attitude and have wealth of

Physical features:-
Middle stature, generally plump body, broad forehead, thick
and stout neck, beautiful and attractive face, eyes and ears
large, broad shoulders and well developed muscles, wheatish
complexion, white teeth, heavy thighs, curly hairs, mole on
back or armpit.
General :-
Loving nature, fond of beauty, music, colour and artistic ways.
Fond of ease, love and luxury, good food.If not listened to
There are various types of mole present in the hand.Some has small in size and some has large in size.like that there are different color of mole found in the hand like white,black ,red,brown etc.Some of these mole can disappear from the hand after giving results and some these mole can give permanent results.These have different location on hand and they give result according to there location on hand .

Black Mole: if black mole present inside palm then it gives good results.This indicate person has lot of income but he has not able to save money.

According to given figure you can easily find out the significance of mole on palm.
Physical Features: - Middle stature, lean and muscular body,
neither stout nor thick, long face and neck, broad head, mark
or scar on head or temples, teeth well set, round eyes, curly

Auspicious years - 16,20, 28, 34, 41, 48, 51
Inauspicious years  - 1, 3, 6, 8, 15, 21, 36, 40, 45, 56, 63