January 2018
साप्ताहिक राशिफल 22 to 28 जनवरी  2018 ,22 से 28 जनवरी साप्ताहिक राशिफल- 22 to 28 January 2018  saptahik rashifal -बसंत पंचमी 2018 -weekly rashifal  22 to 28 January 2018 ,Saptahik Rashifal, Weekly horoscope in hindi 22 to 28 January 2018

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 What Repeating Numbers in mobile numbers tells in numerology 

what Repeating Numbers in mobile numbers tells in numerology


1 - These are the people who are communicative and inventive and the ones with a highly desirable
social status. They are also good orators and very eloquent speakers. However, sometimes they may
have problems in clearly expressing their emotions. Other people usually have great expectations from
them but these hopes are often not entirely realized.

11 - These people are very communicative and they can form stable relationships with others; however,
they have a tendency to become dominant and to impose their attitudes on other people. They can
achieve great success but they often try to assume control over everything.

111 - These people are fortunate in many ways; however, they may be very stubborn and malicious.
They are usually known as great writers and painters who are capable of manipulating the emotions of

1111 - These people possess great energy and capacity to achieve their goals mainly through
leadership. They usually follow their own desires.


2 - These are very clever people who like to be aware of everything concerning their environment. They
are independent and have no desire to compete with others. They are also very emotional and always
ready to solve problems in a peaceful manner.

22 - These people are very sensitive and emotional so that sometimes they can act very naively. This is
why they often find themselves in unpleasant situations. They also very often rely on their heavenly
gift - intuition.

More than two 2s - These are the people who are by their appearance cold and proud but who are
actually emotional and fragile, prone to retreat from others. They like to follow their own way of living
and thinking. This is why they do not like to listen to the opinions of others about their way of life and in
these situations they can act impulsively.


3 - Due to their intelligence, these people are very successful in their professional careers and are also
admired by the people both from their private and public life. They are also very creative and
imaginative. Their attitude to life may be firm but it is never too rigid and they are often open and ready
to listen to the opinions of others.

33 - These people are often seen by others as eccentrics since they have uncommon view of life. They
are also used to day-dreaming which may be very disturbing for their real life. They are often advised
to be more practical in their everyday life. One of their frequent problems is corpulence.

More than two 3s - These people often enjoy sports, either as amateurs or professionals. This is what
often fills their life with pleasure and happiness.


4 - These people are reliable, responsible and loyal. They can create order and establish organization
for any kind of project or activity. These people show great skills in the jobs which require manual
abilities and they very often act as supportive colleagues toward others.

44 - These people are known to be pedantic and neat and they also show good skills in the jobs which
require manual abilities. They have long lives and long professional careers. Nevertheless, their
tendency to be materialistic can prevail over other characteristics they possess.

More than two 4s - These people are very persistent in their lives and occupied with different things.
They despise laziness and other kinds of idleness. Their sense of life is constant work which they see
as an ordinary routine they can easily accomplish. They strongly defend their opinions and very rarely
accept innovations.


5 - It is good to have at least one number 5 in one's date of birth because this number is the very
middle of the numerology numbers and therefore it wholly connects all the other fields. The people
whose date of birth contains this number are very persistent and are also known as indestructible and
enduring. However, they may have problems in their private lives since they do not like any kind of
serious obligation. They are very sociable and really popular both among their friends and within social

55 - These people like freedom above everything. They possess great self-control and strength of will
as well as determination when they defend their ideas and opinions. Nevertheless, they may be very
stubborn and they may also show a great dislike for the people who try to control them in any way or to
impose their own will upon them. Due to this obstinacy, they can cause themselves serious problems
involving the people from their closest family.

More than two 5s - These people are known to be very good-looking and attractive. They also tend to
take risks in every field of life. They are often not capable of thinking about their future or to make plans
for themselves. They lead a fast and busy life and are not aware of the consequences of their
pleasures and needs. They have a tendency to make sudden and unexpected changes in their lives.


6 - These people enjoy family life filled with harmony. Very often they selflessly offer help to their family
and friends. If there are certain problems in their lives, they may become depressed and pessimistic.
These people are very creative and they prove to be very talented artists.

66 - The people with this number combination are also known to be very creative and artistic. They are
known as having ''brilliant minds''. Besides having this great mental capacity, they are very often
disposed to hedonism. They are strongly related to their family so that sometimes this connection may
be so powerful that it becomes exhausting.

More than two 6s - These people are extremely strongly attached to their family to the effect that it can
cause many difficulties to their creative thinking. In time they become exhausted by their strong
attachment to their family and sometimes they are not capable of seeing the real situation in their
family. Very often they tend to see themselves as the family victims. They also tend to interfere in the
lives of their children.


7 - These people highly regard justice and truth and consider them to be the most important values.
They do not like to listen to the other people's opinions even though they themselves are not able to
comprehend all the aspects of their lives. In turn, this can cause many difficulties. They also have a
very strong need to prove themselves in the eyes of others.

77 - These people are inclined to analytical thinking and research to such an extent that it can become
an obsession. They are known as introverted, reserved and solitary individuals who very rarely accept
any kind of help or advice.

More than two 7s - These people are capable of grasping high and deep meaning of life. However, their
own life is not at all easier or better because of that. These people tend to avoid their personal
problems. On one hand, they are known to be very reclusive but on the other hand, they very often
display great wisdom. Their life is filled with tolerance and sacrifice for the sake of other people.


8 - These people are known to have very small number of interests. They do not have any specific type
of behaviour and they can repeat certain things in their life over and over again. Although they are
restless as children, they become quite serious when they get older. They very often start several jobs
but in many cases they do not carry them out to the end. Nevertheless, they are capable of organizing
certain activities.

88 - These people appreciate the people in their surroundings very much, especially those they work
with. In turn, this is what brings them a lot of success in their careers. They are usually oriented
towards their intellectual improvement and they frequently tend to take the objective view of the people
and the world around them.

More than two 8s - These people are very dynamic and successful regarding their professional
careers. They are known as restless workers. However, it happens that sometimes the material values
can prevail over their spiritual values. Consequently, this can result in breaking up the relationships they
have with the others. These people can also be very easily manipulated.


9 - The number 9 includes all the other numbers within itself and as a result it brings intuitive knowledge
to a person. These people also tend to idealize the world around them. However, these people may be
very impulsive and aggressive.

99 - These people are very creative and intellectual. In addition, they are also very emotional which can
only cause them difficulties since they are pressed both by their intellectual and emotional side. Their
tendency to help the other people can very often pass unnoticed.

More than two 9s - These people are known as the fearless fighters for justice, truth and better future.
They very often express revolutionary ideas and attitudes and show a very developed intellect. They are
often good-looking people. However, they can be easily manipulated by the others, especially by the
adult women. In everyday life situations they can react impulsively.

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