July 2022

7 Ways Rahu In The same House Will Influence Your Life.-rahu in 1st house

Rahu is one of the most important astrological houses. It is also known as the ‘black’ house, because it rules over darkness, and death.

rahu in 1st house

It is ruled by the planet Saturn, and Capricorn. Rahu is also related to fear, and mental disorders. The planetary ruler of Rahu is Saturn, which has a connection with the three moons of Jupiter. Neptune rules over this house, which gives it an emotional, spiritual desire for growth, and healing. The sign that rules over Rahu are Capricorn.

The same house, represents our ambitions, and goals in life, while the 2nd House represents our material needs. In a personal astrological reading, the natal chart will reveal patterns of achievement, and success, as well as obstacles, and challenges. The 1st house, also reveals our dreams about our future, and how we would like to live out that future.

The same house, is about the future of your life, and how you would like to live it. Thesamet house, also reveals the dreams that you have for your future, the opportunities that you may have, and where you would like to go.


Rahu in the first house, means that you are ambitious, and competitive. You are likely to focus on career, and money-related matters more than anything else. You will have a difficult time dealing with people who don't share your goals or ambitions - they may seem like obstacles to you.

Rahu in the same House is a malefic planet. It is not good for you.

Rahu in the same House can be a sign of instability, confusion, and uncertainty. It can also mean that your life has been too easy, and you are not challenged again.

Rahu in the same House can be hard to deal with because it makes you feel like things are changing too fast, and that you are unable to keep up with them.