February 2015

It's the first zodiac sign ruled by Mars. Their lucky colour is red. As Aries are high on energy, they are very active people. Red colour suits them well. It's a warm colour, which acts as a stimulant that provides good energy to Ariens.

These are people who love to live in their own space, like to work within their own time frame. White colour is good for them. Taurians always try to stay away from hooks and crooks in their life. White is the colour of truth and purity and helps to calm them down.

Lucky colour for Geminis is light green. Geminis are very talkative and tend to have dual nature. Light green colour is good for nurturing their intellect, as they are thinkers. Light green colour helps them to balance their mental abilities.

Whatever the nature of the earth is generated, it is not without reason, but must use it somewhere. We are all familiar with the properties of the objects, the greater the benefit to use in your life. But there are a lot of ignorance in which such items. Today we will tell you about some rare items that you use a variety of problems in life AND prosperous lives will be happy to find cures. We are talking about Gomti cycle, remove all the sorrows of your life be filled with happiness. It is found in river Gomti Alpmoli calcium stones are mixed. They saw a side surface is ruptured, and the other side are a few cycles. These cycles are considered a symbol of Lakshmi Ji.
Gomti cycles by using below-to-
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Zodiac Sign in Astrology

The twelve signs of the Zodiac form a Birth chart. Each sign being an equal 30 degrees, and one sign following another. These are the signs of the zodiac upon which most of modern and ancient astrology is based.

Aries Sign:

The sign Aries is the prime initiator in the zodiac, always jumping right in, starting things, daring to act and be making a positive statement or move. Aries sign have the ability to be a Pioneer, Leader, To Dare, Starter, Initiator, Impulsive, Spontaneous, Rash, Rude, Provocative Positive, Visible, and Egotistic. Key word: "I am".

Taurus Sign:

The sign Taurus receives or possesses, and thus is connected to "possessions” to money, goods, and property what have you. Responds to any action or impulse, building it into something actual or solid, and thus have the ability to respond. Taurus sign have the ability to Possesses, Responds, Acquires, Money, Property, Wealth, Fertile, Field, Stable and Determined. Key word: "I Have".
Just as the soul is symbolically "born" into the innocent thoughtlessness of Aries, it symbolically "dies" - or leaves the painful Earth plane - to enter into the sympathetic humility and mystical awareness of Pisces. In the Piscean Sun Sign stage, evolving man and woman begin to comprehend vaguely the secret of Time as an eternal NOW - able to (in varying degrees) see the Past, Present and Future as one. This is the soul's third and final excursion into the sensitive Water Element - its fourth and final vibration as a Mutable Communicator - and the last experience under the feminine negative Night Forces. Ideally, by the time the soul has reached the Pisces stage, it has attained spiritual enlightenment on its long journey through the Mysteries of Love experienced in the preceding eleven Sun Signs.

If not, then it must return to certain Sun Sign vibratory experiences on the astrological circle to learn lessons not absorbed because they were too hastily skimmed over in previous incarnated stages. But each such return brings a new vulnerability to that Sun Sign lesson - a new inner urgency to master its positive essence and discard its negative. Of course, some high or advanced souls, after reaching the Piscean stage, elect of their own choosing to return to Earth to rescue those still in darkness. However, we are discussing here the average Pisces obligation and pattern. Man and woman, on the Pisces level, have passed at least once through all twelve stages of initiation, and many have been required to fall back and retrace their steps hundreds of times in this experience, because Pisces is the most difficult of all the twelve Sun Signs to comprehend and master.

Usually such an accomplishment is not gained the first time around the wheel of life, except by intense desire and will, which is not to say such achievement is impossible - but it is a path, up until now, chosen by very few. This is why astrology teaches that Pisces is "an old soul" - also the reason that not every Pisces man or woman is the epitome of spiritual grace; why some swim in waters dangerously close to the fires of Dante's Inferno. The Fish lives in two worlds, simultaneously experiencing both Heaven and Hell. With the secret wisdom of the Piscean ruling planet, Neptune, Pisceans know that sadness and ugliness are not a part of God's plan. They have glimpsed the beauty of truth, and the brilliance of such mystical vision brings an urge to retreat from the negative vibrations of the Earth plane. So Pisces often avoids confrontation and tension through the escape route of drugs, alcohol, daydreams, artistic creation, philosophical theorizing, meditation or religious retreat. Pisceans may become teachers, monks, nuns, mystics, artists, musicians, composers, abstract mathematicians and highly intuitive scientists - or they may choose to swim down into the murky waters of alcoholism and drug addiction, even insanity. It is, indeed, a difficult and complicated vibration for the soul, for this Sun Sign experience is fraught with temptation for the Pisces man or woman. __
 Having reached the Aquarian initiation, the evolving soul feels that it must return to life much of what it gathered along the way. And so begins a "second childhood" on the level of the Water Bearer, who pours out his knowledge, both determined and anxious to share it before he leaves this planet to explore the exciting realm of the unknown on the other side. Aquarius feels the stirrings of the masculine positive Day Forces for the last time as a Fixed Organizer, in the final experience of the detached and unpredictable Air Element. A puzzle to friends and family, the Aquarian man or woman cavorts in peculiar fashion with the young at heart - peculiar, since wisdom and experience are in direct contrast with such liberal, eccentric behavior. There were so many mysteries missed in the past because there wasn't time to investigate them. Now Aquarians must taste them all - must investigate every nuance of up and down, left and right, will and won't.

Now the chilling blasts of winter grow more insistent, forcing the experienceweary soul to symbolically retreat back into the haven of the family circle, to submit once again to the meditative, negative-feminine Night Forces. On the Capricorn level of consciousness, for the fourth and final time, the soul feels the  powerful vibrations of Cardinal leadership. But this time it leads through the stable Earth Element, from a position of strength inside the home, beside the hearth. Why should the Goat expose himself (or herself) to the icy temperatures outside, just to be seen and heard - applauded and praised? Capricorn souls, now sure of both their ability and their right to take command, no longer feel the need to display or aggressively flaunt their power - either for public adulation, or for inner security.

Emerging from the long night of Scorpio meditation, the evolving soul turns again with hope toward the positive masculine Day Forces, as it bridges autumn and winter through the Sagittarius consciousness. Now it experiences for the third time the vibrations of the Mutable Communicator, and answers for the last time to the impulsive element of Fire. In Sagittarius, man or woman has become a skeptical philosopher, a reluctant prophet, still unsure of the final answers to the riddle of life. So the Archer probes further, with penetrating logic and embarrassing candor, to give validity to Jupiter's claim that "I SEE." It is now time for the soul to be once more aware of its own duality. Sagittarius feels a compelling urge to explore his or her own mind and attempt to un-ravel the secrets of human behavior at the philosophic stage of higher learning. Yet, part of this soul resents the stern requirements of ever more complicated education and longs to play hookey from Life's demanding karmic school.

As it enters its second experience in the Water element, the now mature soul welcomes the chance for meditation through a return of the negative feminine Night Forces of the Scorpio consciousness. On a public level, Scorpio is enormously capable of executing the now very familiar duties as a Fixed Organizer. On a personal level, Scorpio is troubled to discover that he faces for the first time the awesome mystery of his own existence. Where did he come from? - where is he going? - why is he here? Scorpio must tear the veil from life, regardless of the cost, to quiet his restless spirit, suddenly released from its former preoccupation with earthly needs alone, as he cries out: "I DESIRE! " There is much that the Scorpio soul knows.... but even more that is sensed and cannot yet be defined. The Scorpio vibration brings such a burning  need to penetrate the unknown that it must be buried beneath deep layers of calm reason, or it would consume the mind and sear the soul.

Turning from the lonely Virgo path of self-discipline, the evolving soul reaches out once again to the positive Day Forces, as the Libra vibration seductively beckons to it to accept, for the third time, the challenge of Cardinal leadership. In the Libra consciousness, the soul is fully grown, aware now of both sunshine and shadow. During the struggle for maturity which culminated in Virgo, it has learned that there is in the world (and in people) both night and day - good and evil - dark and light.

Beyond that, Libra is consumed with the intriguing polarity of male and female. Experience has taught Libra men and women to judge their fellows fairly. Until the Libra level, the soul's interest has been centered primarily on itself. Now it expands to include, for the first time, an awareness of the necessity to relate to other human beings. The soul is now equipped with the lessons of five previous levels, capable of leading with both logic and force.

The youthful Leo soul soon senses that summer is ending - and regretfully steps into his first awareness of the coming harvest, through the Indian Summer soul expression of Virgo. The negative feminine Night Forces return again, reminding the Virgin (whose deeper self has remained untouched by the fleeting romances of youth) that maturity brings stern duty and responsibility. "I ANALYZE," says Virgo defensively, striving for perfection. Now the evolving soul has, for the first time, become an Adult, frustrated by being forced to comply with society's rules and restrictions, yet submitting gracefully, with innate courtesy. These men and women have discovered that to receive their own needs they must serve others in some way. The Virgo vibration teaches that one must work and earn money - be of service - in order to be free to play. In this, the second experience in the Earth Element, also the second experience as a Mutable Communicator, clocks and schedules assume great importance. The first job is disappointing. Both ideas and ideals must be shelved under the demands of work or schooling. No time now to dream.

The Cancerian Adolescent soul is transformed with brilliant suddenness into a symbolic Teenager, brought by the Leo vibration into the first expression of self-confidence and pride in individuality. Now the soul knows (or assumes) who he is - or who she is - as Leo feels an even stronger pull of the masculine positive Day Forces and the Fire Element than was felt on the Aries level. The world belongs to the Lion - or the Lioness - and so the Leonine "Teenager" gazes at his or her image in the mirror, admires what is seen and makes the noble vow: "I WILL." Summer has come into full bloom of furious beauty with lazy afternoons and bright sunshine, as Leo moves into SELF consciousness from the polarity meaning of Cancer's self-consciousness. The idealism of youth stirs the Lion's heart and sets the blood afire with the dawning knowledge of sexuality, two powerful urges that bring private inner doubts of worth, well hidden beneath outward vanity. The Leo soul knows what to do with this second experience as a Fixed Organizer, using it with apparent confidence to lecture others, take charge of his or her own life and rule over those who need Leo's protection. Yet the Leo man or woman, like the actual teenager, still seeks reassurance in the form of flattery, still cringes secretly when ridiculed, because he is not quite yet a man - she is not quite yet a woman - for all the surface sureness. The soul has already passed through the painful experiences of infancy, babyhood, childhood and adolescence, so Leo leads with sympathetic consideration for those who are more vulnerable. The soul in its Leo expression has no real desire to crush the helpless. Generosity of spirit was carved into Leo's memory by the tears wept through the Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer levels. However, although Leos have learned to tolerate and forgive enemies, they have not yet learned to respect the wisdom of elders. Like the real teenager, Leos  think they know all the answers, and are impatient with those who question their new worldly knowledge. 

The Cancer Love Mystery 

The child is now an Adolescent, the soul having evolved to the stage of Cancer, hovering between childhood and maturity, longing to be grown-up, yet hesitating to cross over to the other side. Cancer brings back awareness of the negative feminine and reflective Night Forces. But this second experience of night is blended with a new, richer and even more sensual feeling (which was only a poetic inspiration, not yet a true reality, on the earlier Taurean level), for a change of seasons has occurred. The spring awakening has deepened into a mid-summer night's dream in all its full-blown and fragrant beauty for these Cancerian Oberon and Titania men and women. Now the moody, sensitive, "Adolescent" soul vacillates between childish dependence and the maddeningly enticing, beckoning world of adulthood (what is it like to be a man or a woman? ). This is beautifully expressed by the experiments between the human and faerie worlds in Taurean Shakespeare's famed classic. Is it sad or happy .. . funny or tragic? The symbolic "Puckish" Cancerian Adolescent observes the adults (humans) in the environment, uncannily perceptive of everything seen and heard. But this grown-up, material world so intensely watched hints of frequent disillusion. And so the dreams of Cancer are troubled, causing the Crab to cry out in the night, sometimes dragging the old symbolic Taurus Teddy Bear out of the closet, and hugging it closely when no one can see. As with Cancerian men and women, the actual adolescents' changing moods puzzle them as much as they puzzle their families. But those terrors are very real to Cancerians, who fear that maturity will mean the loss of security known with the parents, especially the mother. Will future strangers ever fuss over the Crabs and love them as unconditionally as mother? Cancer is beginning to suspect that they won't. Unable to explain their apprehensions, the Crabs turn secretive, dreaming alone - or hide and pout, imagining that no one understands. On the Cancer level, the possible loss of parental protection haunts the subconscious. Cancer has already learned what loss is. Perhaps childhood friends have moved away, the family has changed residences, the old familiar neighborhood is gone. The world is no longer so exciting as the Crabs sense its hidden pitfalls. The "Adolescent" Cancerian men and women know that growing up will surely bring unexpected hurt, so they cling to what they know can be trusted - yesterday.

In the Gemini soul experience, the symbolic Taurus "Baby" enters into the world of the toddler-Child, and feels again, as on the Aries Infancy level, the positive, masculine Day Forces. For the first time, the soul arrives at the stage of the Mutable Communicator, becoming conscious of its own mentality, aware that it is not alone in the Universe. The Child soul of Gemini learns to communicate needs by speaking, by learning to form words and string them together, while the parents and others listen attentively, rejoicing at each new sound. Talking is fun because it centers all the interest on him (or her). There's a new ability to crawl or toddle over to the cookie jar, without either the Aries yelling or the Taurus waiting, and this new-found independence is intoxicating. Geminis are thrilled by the knowledge now within grasp, and so "I THINK! " cries Gemini to the world-at-large, in great excitement. The symbolic Child level of consciousness teaches the Gemini soul that there are two sides to the character - a duality or polarity that must be brought into harmony before one can successfully relate to others. The first twinge of unhappiness pulls as he or she bumps hard into discipline, while trying to blend the sleeping and waking Twin Selves. Because Gemini suddenly longs for pleasures outside home and family, the Child soul is often punished for symbolically attempting to run out into dangers not yet suspected. Likewise, the world invites Gemini men and women to explore it, and who knows what they may find out there! With the new mental ability to reason and deduce - to relate - Gemini begins to wish for and to dream of things beyond what has already been seen.

The evolving spiritual awareness of man or woman enters next into the Earth element. On the Taurus level, the symbolic Infant soul has become, symbolically, a healthy, chubby Baby, who now relates to the reflective feminine Night Forces, and has learned to sleep on schedule, then wake to anticipated comfort. No longer does he or she scream without reason, in fright or loneliness - or yell loudly for every need, as in the Arian stage. It has been discovered that all desires will be satisfied by the parents. Like the human baby, in the Taurean stage, the soul is content to sit quietly and patiently in its symbolic high chair and wait for its daily bread with quiet, confident and sure anticipation. The Bull has also learned how to use good behavior to wheedle more pleasures, more favors from the "parents" and other adults. Smiles and obedience are rewarded, and Taurus doesn't forget what has been learned, however painfully and slowly. Still essentially unaware of anything outside the immediate environment, the Taurus man or woman (like the Taurean symbolic Baby) finds happiness in the family circle and the tangible - in what is known to be familiar, rather than in the strange and noisy outside world. Through the Taurus experience, the Baby soul discovers the delight of using the senses of tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing and touching. It symbolically smells and chews, and listens to every toy, as well as looks at and touches them in this, the soul's first experience as a Fixed sign

The Aries Love Mystery The soul, symbolically newborn in Aries (although not necessarily in its first earthly sojourn), relates to dawn, sunrise, spring and Easter - or the resurrection from its "death" in the previous sign of Pisces. In this first excursion into the Fire Element - this experience as the first of the three Cardinal signs - the symbolically "newborn" soul projects the positive, masculine vibration of the Day Forces through the explosive vitality of the Aries planetary ruler, Mars. Like a human infant totally self-absorbed, the Aries soul discovers with delight his or her own toes and fingers - its own physical beingness. To satisfy all needs, only a loud cry is necessary, heard and answered instantly by elders. The real infant doubts or fears nothing or no one, simply because it has never experienced denial. Likewise, the Aries "Infant" soul has a natural trust and a touching faith in the unseen force of goodness which will miraculously grant all its wishes. On the Earth plane this beneficent force is represented by the parents; in a mystical sense, by our co-Creators. And so they look tenderly upon the "newborn" Aries soul, as parents look tenderly upon their infant, lovingly protecting it from its own naivete, wisely denying some of the demands made through the excited awareness that the soul is - he has been born, and is here. The Aries soul senses: "I AM" or "I exist." And like the symbolic Infant, Aries men and women are oblivious to the possibilities of accident, pain or cruelty on life's path. He or she learns of these negative

Birth Number 1 (Born on 1st, 10th, 19th & 28th)
Number 1 as a husband: He is generous and desires his wife to be popular in the society. He wants is family members to act according to his will and does not tolerate anyone flouting his words. He loves home life and love to spend most of his time at home. He is an emotional person and a dreamer. He desires to have a wife with a very attractive personality, charming manners and intelligence.
Number 1 as a wife : She is a good companion to her husband. She is intelligent. Her home is a social center. She is friendly in manners, aristocratic by her dignity and attracts people at her home and commands great respect. Her interests are wide. She takes interest in the business of her husband. She pays great attention to the welfare of her husband and children.
Valentine Gift :  Regal items fit for a queen or king. The colour most attractive to Number 1 is of course gold! Items to crown or wear in the hair are always a good bet. Present white or yellow coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

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