The Sagittarius Love Mystery

Emerging from the long night of Scorpio meditation, the evolving soul turns again with hope toward the positive masculine Day Forces, as it bridges autumn and winter through the Sagittarius consciousness. Now it experiences for the third time the vibrations of the Mutable Communicator, and answers for the last time to the impulsive element of Fire. In Sagittarius, man or woman has become a skeptical philosopher, a reluctant prophet, still unsure of the final answers to the riddle of life. So the Archer probes further, with penetrating logic and embarrassing candor, to give validity to Jupiter's claim that "I SEE." It is now time for the soul to be once more aware of its own duality. Sagittarius feels a compelling urge to explore his or her own mind and attempt to un-ravel the secrets of human behavior at the philosophic stage of higher learning. Yet, part of this soul resents the stern requirements of ever more complicated education and longs to play hookey from Life's demanding karmic school.


He - or she - plunges from the heights of supreme optimism and blind faith to the depths of sarcastic cynicism. First frivolous and gay, then serious and owlish, Sagittarius is the Centaur, half man-half horse, aiming sharp arrows of curiosity directly into the bull's-eye of the knowledge sought. The Sagittarian search for truth takes this soul through the maze of religious concept, veering from stark atheism to spiritual fanaticism, until the stronghold of church dogma has been exposed - and either accepted or rejected, in part, or in whole. Sometimes Sagittarius frolics like a clumsy clown, with an irresponsible disregard for the future. Sometimes he thinks seriously, on a level high above and beyond his peers. In the Sagittarian stage, the soul has reached the symbolic stage of retirement. Driven by their ruling planet Jupiter, the Archers yearn to travel, to bask under foreign Suns, to see and learn of other countries, people and ideas.

Although they grudgingly submit to the necessities of work, duty and responsibility, they are extremely impatient of such unwelcome restriction over the realization of their dreams. To cover a constant restlessness of spirit, Sagittarians adopt the pose of the actor, the thespian, which enables them to entertain others with a mixture of funny and tragic farces, while they remain free to pursue the Socratic method of inquiry with their own souls, behind their theatrical masks. There is little time for tact on this level, as Sagittarius rushes ahead to find the answers before "Life" is over. Autumn is ending, the first winds of winter are blowing - and the exhilarating weather challenges the Archer to tempt fate, in order to prove that man is stronger than Nature. The winter season's withdrawal into seclusion has not yet taken hold. And so Sagittarius delights in each snowflake, pondering the design and origin .. . then rolls them together into a snowball, tossed without warning to topple the stuffiness of more sedate souls.

Although intuitively sensing that "old age" looms ahead, with its promised rewards of wisdom and peace, the soul is too nostalgic for the carefree days of lost youth .. . spring and summer .. . to resign itself gracefully to its inevitable maturity. Sagittarian positive qualities are optimism, candor, cheerfulness, logic, honesty, daring and enthusiasm. Expressed in their negative form they become recklessness, emotional confusion, carelessness, lack of tact, rudeness and fickleness. To Sagittarius, who has reached the symbolic middle age of the soul, true love must be discovered now - or lost forever. As the Archers seek a mate for all seasons, they are blinded by love's idealism and challenge and therefore wounded by love's reality, because their anxious quest has not yet led them to search for love where it really hides - within their own heart__
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