So Many time i receive mail from the viewer where they ask me about love matter problems like will i get married to my lover although its is matter of kundli or disha and dasha .But i find which can be help for you in terms getting you love . 

Mantra For Happy and successful Married Life

Sometimes little small issues in love relationship can create a huge gap in the life of couples. Then small problems or silly arguments can even get very serious and leads to break up. You may not know that how to solve the dispute. So if you have lost your love or your married life is not going well then here is a mantra that can help you to solve your your love problems and help you to make your married life happy. This attraction mantra will also help to increase love and affection between husband and wife. This is purely astrological remedy and has no side effect. This vashikaran mantra is also helpful for those ladies whose husband has gone stray or in a relationship with any other girl or woman. Then they can get their husband back forever with them. If you want to know that from which mantra husband come back immediately to wife and under control of wife then this mantra is useful for you. This mantra is also beneficial to resolve problems with in-laws or other family members.


Dham dhi dhu dhujatih patni vam vi vu vagdhishrivri|
Kram krim krum kalika devi sha sheem shu mem shubham karu||

Mantra For Love Marriage Success

This mantra spell is very powerful, strong and rare vashikaran mantra for love marriage. This mantra is very suitable for those who are not able to get married with his or her lover and for those who want to get right type of life partner. With the help of this marriage mantra you can get or attract the man and woman of your dream and of your choice and also can get married at the right age. This love mantra is most important for those whose marriages are delayed. This is lal kitab remedies to agree parents for marriage to partner of your choice. This is free mantra to convince parents for love marriage. You can also get strong Vishnu vashikaran mantra to get love back. Know the strong way to how to get a girlfriend love by Ganesh mantra
This is astrological vedic remedy to marry the girl or boy whom you love. And if there is any problem in couple’s life like inter cast marriage, parents approval, parents not agree or to control in laws etc.
This mantra should be recited or chanted at home or any temple 108 times daily early in the morning after taking bath. This mantra has to be recited till get the results. This is to be done before sunrise and after sunset. To get mastery or siddhi over this mantra, it is better to chant it on Holi or Diwali on home.
Tatou yayau rampurogamaiah shanaiah l
Srugal madhyadiv bhaghrudhdtiah ll
ततौ ययौ रामपुरोगमै: शनै : l
सृगाल मध्यदिव भागह्रूध्दति : ll

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  1. This mantra is an effective technique to get> manchaha Pyar{Get ex love back } by vashikaran. If you want to have your lost love bacj then you should try this this is a reliable method.

  2. There are so may mantra make our love marriage successful but I can tell you the best way to save your love life that is the vashikaran mntra. This is the best and simplest way to keep your marriage safe.

  3. Love marriage is a very beautiful bond and the challenging thing is that how to sustain this bond ans live a happy married life to the life long. This can be possible if the husband will be loyal for her wife and this can be made possible by the wife is she uses vashikaran mantra for husband.

  4. Thanks for the post. Actually I was having problem in my love life but because of you I know that I can solve my problem using vashikaran mantra for wife.

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