Love Numerology for all the numbers [gift Idea's] Valentine's Day

Birth Number 1 (Born on 1st, 10th, 19th & 28th)
Number 1 as a husband: He is generous and desires his wife to be popular in the society. He wants is family members to act according to his will and does not tolerate anyone flouting his words. He loves home life and love to spend most of his time at home. He is an emotional person and a dreamer. He desires to have a wife with a very attractive personality, charming manners and intelligence.
Number 1 as a wife : She is a good companion to her husband. She is intelligent. Her home is a social center. She is friendly in manners, aristocratic by her dignity and attracts people at her home and commands great respect. Her interests are wide. She takes interest in the business of her husband. She pays great attention to the welfare of her husband and children.
Valentine Gift :  Regal items fit for a queen or king. The colour most attractive to Number 1 is of course gold! Items to crown or wear in the hair are always a good bet. Present white or yellow coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

Birth Number 2 (Born on 2nd, 11th, 20th & 29th)
Number 2 as a husband :  Number 2 is the symbol of dualism in everything. As a result, it has been experienced that husbands governed by number two are of two characteristic types. 1st type : He is domineering and critical. Nothing satisfies him easily. He wants everything to be given to him without asking for it. 2nd type : He is not very active in social matters. His main concern in life is money. He has a love and attraction for the home, and likes the company of children. He loves to have his wife with a better personality than what he has.
Number 2 as a wife : She is sympathetic and affectionate. She is satisfied with anything her husband provides her with. However, she is moody, changeable and very sensitive. She is very friendly and has a feeling of comfort. She decorates her home in a luxurious way. She is very patient and adjusts to circumstances with ease.
Valentine Gift :  Home products, kitchen goods, anything for the home makes them the happiest. Present yellow or pink coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

Birth Number 3 (Born on 3rd, 12th, 21st & 30th)
Number 3 as a husband :   He loves to have an attractive and intelligent wife. He is very loving and caring by nature. He generally marries a girl above his economic status. He is attracted to beauty, and chooses a very beautiful wife. He desires a wife who can not only be his life partner, but also his best friend.
Number 3 as a wife: She is the best companion to her husband. She is efficient in house-keeping, very sympathetic and caring towards her children. She is better adapted to family life. She likes a luxurious life and desires her home to be heavenly beautiful. She is devoted, kind , sympathetic, but easy – going.
Valentine Gift :  Flowers, Books and writing accessories are the best to gift. Present pink or purple coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

Birth Number 4 (Born on 4th, 13th, 22nd & 31st)
Number 4 as a husband : They are witty, intelligent and expect wives to share their views. They are domineering. They want the home to be run as per their ideas. They are kind and loving. But they are always critical of everything, and this could create tension in the family.
Number 4 as a wife : They are smart and attractive. They have a strong will power. They dress very lavishly. They are dominating and always restless. They love their homes, but are not attached to it very much.
Valentine Gift :  Books, Candies and delicious food turns them on. Present yellow, golden or brown coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

Birth Number 5 (Born on 5th, 10th, 19th & 28th)
Number 5 as a husband : He selects a wife of his own choice. He expects her to be an ideal wife. He is very cautious about the dressing sense of his wife. He loves his children and is fond of home. He is liberal in spending on clothes and riches. He furnishes his house with elegant taste.
Number 5 as a wife : She is a fine companion. She is intelligent and friendly. Her interests are wide. She pays full attention to the welfare of her husband and children. She engages in many activities and has interests at home as well as outside which she manages well.
Valentine Gift :  Number 5 are crazy for gadgets. Cell phone accessories, computer and technology rich gadgets make them happiest. Present light blue or green coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

Birth Number 6 (Born on 6th, 15th & 24th)
Number 6 as a husband : He expects his partner to be very charming and graceful. He loves his children and home. He is very kind, generous and devoted. Art is everything to him. He desires to have wife whom he can be proud of.
Number 6 as a wife : She is a devoted mother and a loving wife. She loves domestic life and is a perfect homemaker. She is a fine companion, intelligent and kind hearted. She makes others jealous by her behaviour. She endures extreme hardships for the sake of her husband.
Valentine Gift :  Soft blankets, shirts, scarves make them just feel so good. Luxury items also top the list with Number twos. Present white, pink or blue coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

Birth Number 7 (Born on 7th, 16th & 25th)
Number 7 as a husband : He is very emotional but understands the feelings of his wife. He is liberal, and fond of picnics and travel. Usually he is suspicious about his wife. He is critical about everything and that creates family tensions. He is a spendthrift and likes to live lavishly.
Number 7 as a wife : she is always moody. Her behaviour is unpredictable. She gets disturbed over trivial matters and becomes restless. She expects her husband to take good care of her but always finds herself dissatisfied because of insufficient care from him. She loves to be alone.
Valentine Gift :  Gifts that might not be costly but unique and made with creativity top the list of number seven people. Present magenta, orange or white coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

Birth Number 8 (Born on 8th, 17th & 26th)
Number 8 as a husband : Usually, he does not have any desire to get married, and is not much attracted to girls. He prefers to be alone. Even if he marries, it is at a very late age. He often makes his married life miserable. He is very orthodox and dislikes modern ideas and modern dresses for his wife. If he wants a happy married life, he should select a wife who would like to devote herself to philosophy.
Number 8 as a wife : She has a masculine personality. She is systematic, enjoys family life and likes to make sacrifices for her children and husband. She lacks feminine warmth, and sentiments.
Valentine Gift :  Something unexpected is always welcome (but make sure you don't go against their choices). Clothes and gedgets are among the most favourites. Present blue or black coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

Birth Number 9 
(Born on 9th, 18th & 27th)
Number 9 as a husband : He is fond of a good-looking wife, family and children. He lives in a peaceful house. He is often suspicious of his wife.  
Number 9 as a wife : She is a witty and clever conversationalist. She is a very ambitious person and takes active part in business matters.
Valentine Gift :  If you are thinking of clothing pick something in the color red for this sun sign. Anything made of metal and sharp objects are hugely fascinating to them. Collectible swords or pocketknives are nice gifts to them. Present red or maroon coloured gifts to your dear ones to improve relationship.

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