April 2014

Nakshatra and their Deity

1. Ashwini Nakshatra: The Deity is Ashwini KuMaras, Physicians to the God. Worshiping AshwinikuMar in Ashwini Nakshatra, the person gets free from all ailments and becomes long lived. 

2. Bharani Nakshatra: The Deity is yama, God of death, sakti.  Worshiping Yama by blue flowers and camphor in Bharani Nakshatra will protect the person from premature death. 

3. Krittika Nakshatra: The Deity is Agni, God of fire. Worshiping Agni (Fire god) in Krittika Nakshatra with the garland made of Rakt Pushpa (Red flower) and with homam gives what you desired and burn your negativity. 

4. Rohini Nakshatra: The Deity is God Brahma, Prajapati. Worshiping Lord Brahma in Rohini Nakshatra would fulfill all the desires. 

Number 1
The number 1 governs the back, heart, arteries, head, liver and
stomach. They are particular vulnerable to high blood pressure and
heart attacks. However the number 1 is incredibly resilient and can
smoke or drink without much consequence for many years but when an
illness such as cancer finally hits it kills the number 1 quickly.
They need a lot of sleep in order to stay sane. They also need to
stay warm and be careful about developing eye and throat issues.
Number 2
The diseases associated with the number 2 are consumption,
rheumatism, vertigo, colic, palsy, apoplexy, smallpox, dropsy,
piles, tumor, cough and cold. They are also vulnerable to
contracting eye disease and dental problems. They need to be warm,
comfortable and feel they are living in a stylish abode to feel
psychologically healthy and well. They need to avoid dark, cool
and dirty places.
Number 3
The number 3 is a very intuitive number that is masterful when it
comes to regeneration and healing the self however the number is
still very vulnerable to contracting skin diseases, joint pain,
gastritis, cough diabetes, paralysis and heart failure. They need
to avoid consuming fatty foods and gravies. They also work better
on their own as working too much with others makes them nervous and
causes them to develop migraines and other nervous complaints.