June 2017
Thumb in palmistry

Thumb in palmistry  is divided into three parts. The first part of the above, then the middle part and the last part. These three parts are divided by lines. If the first part of a longer one is truly good will. He does not depend on anyone. People with such thumb prefer full freedom to work and are receiving them success. With the success of the tasks is also to improve their economic situation.

The Link Between Numerology and Tarot

(Image source: Livetodaywithpassion.com)

Numerology is the science of numbers and tarot cards are visual representations of energies as well as events that we encounter in our daily lives. Though different mediums, according to bestpsychics.club and other online references, did you know that the two are connected and can be used to aid in patience, determination, new beginnings, joys, heartaches, reflection, and decision-making, just to name a few.

Mystic Cross On Hand  in palmistry and Mystic Cross On Both Palms

Mystic cross” is a favorable sign for aptitude in occult sciences. The mystic cross is between the head line and the heart line at the palm center is called  mystic cross. If you have the cross or sign, you will have a good sixth sense of predication. You people have the cross on the left or right palm always like to study the mysterious things, you are talented, ambitious and insightful, have a religious belief and you are interested  in  astrology and fortune telling.

Kya kahta hai appka chehra

मुख अर्थात् मुख्य एक शरीर में सर्वाधिक चेतनामय, ऊर्जामय, ज्ञानमय व प्रज्ञामय भाग व्यक्ति का मुख ही है। आंख, कान, नाक व मुख सहित मस्तिष्क के सभी ज्ञानमय व स्मृति केन्द्रों का संरक्षक (चेहरा) ही तो है। ब्रह्मा जी के चार मुख, शिवजी के पांच मुख, रावण के दस सिर (दसग्रीव) भगवान दत्तत्रेय के तीन मुख आदि मुख के विशिष्ट गुणों की व्याख्या करते हैं।