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Revati "the wealthy" 16.40 to 30.00 Pisces

Symbol            fish, or a pair of fish, a drum to mark time    

Deity   Pushan, the nourisher, the protective deity for safe travel    

Stars    Located in the tail of the Northern Fish, Al Pherg gives organizational ability, and a promise of success   

Mythology      Pushan was invoked for the protection of flocks and herds and safe travels. He also recovered lost articles and animals.   

Uttara Bhadrapada "the latter happy feet" 3.20 to 16.40 Pisces

Symbol            twins, back legs of the funeral cot, a snake in the water       

Deity   Ahir Budhyana, the Serpent or "Dragon of the Deep"          

Stars    Algenib, on the tip of the wing of Pegasus, gives good oratory abilities, intelligence with a responsible nature.           

Purva Bhadrapada "the former happy feet" 20.00 Aquarius to 3.20 Pisces

Symbol            sword or two front legs of a funeral cot, or a man with two faces   

Deity   Ajaikapada the "one footed goat" a form of Rudra or and ancient fire dragon   

Shatabhishak "a hundred healers" 6.40 to 20.00 Aquarius

Symbol            empty circle, or a thousand flowers or stars  

Deity   Varuna, god of the cosmic waters, of the sky and earth       

Stars    This nakshatra is the large group of faint stars in the Water Bearer. The water poured out of this pot is the nectar of immortality. Fomulhaut is a star of musical abilities and great spirituality. It is mixed with great fortune and misfortune.     

Dhanishta "the richest one" 23.20 Capricorn to 6.40 Aquarius

Symbol            drum or a flute           

Deity   The eight Vasus, deities of the earth that give abundance on the material plane      

Stars    Consists of a small group of stars located in the head of Delphinus, the Dolphin. Sadalsuud, is good for intuitive ability, they are visionaries and good for public relations.

Mythology      The eight Vasus are the solar gods of light and energy. They are earth deities that give abundance on the material plane. Vasu means "light" "benefic" indicating a charitable attitude, and high virtues.

Shravana "to hear" 10. 00 to 23.20 Capricorn

Symbol            ear, or three footprints in an uneven row       

Deity   Vishnu, the preserver of the Universe           

Stars    In this nakshatra there are three stars in the head of the eagle, these are also the three footprints of Vishnu. Altair, leads to positions of power and wealth but trouble with the law.     

Mythology      Vishnu spanned the universe in three steps denoting his expansive travels as well as his expansive travel to the three worlds.      

Uttara Ashadha "latter victory" or "latter unconquered" 27.40 Sagittarius to 10. 00 Capricorn

Symbol            elephant tusk, or a small cot or planks of a bed         

Deity   Vishvadevas, means all gods or Universal gods        

Stars    Situated on the lower part of the Lyre, Waga (Vega) gives leadership especially political or in government, musical artistic ability

Mythology      The Vishvadevas are the ten sons of god Dharma. Their power is to grant unchallengeable victory. They deal with the laws of time, universal principles, karma, and right

Purva Ashadha "early victory" or "the undefeated" 13.20 to 26. 40 Sagittarius

Symbol            elephant tusk, fan, or a winnowing basket, used for ridding corn of its husks.

Deity   Apah or water deified as a god         

Stars    In the constellation of the Archer, Kaus Borealis and Kaus Australis form the archer’s bow. Kaus Borealis gives leadership abilities with altruistic, idealistic, qualities and a strong sense of justice.   

Mythology      Apah is the cosmic waters spreading in all directions giving rise to all humanity. It is an invigorating power. Varuna is another ruling deity because of his protection of the seas and giving rain. Water is one of the most powerful forces in nature.      

Mula "the root" 0. 00 to 13. 20 Sagittarius

Symbol            bunch of roots tied together, or an elephant goad, (gives the elephant direction).

Deity   Nirriti, the god of dissolution and destruction          

Stars    This nakshatra is located in the tail of the Scorpion near Ophiuchus. Lesath, gives good judgment, interest in spiritual nature, brings people before the public. This is the center of the Galaxy or the galactic center.     

Mythology      Nirriti means "calamity", and is the goddess of destruction who lives in the kingdom of the dead. Nirriti has the power to ruin, destroy and break things apart. It is sometimes called Alakshmi or denial of Lakshmi (prosperity). She is depicted as Kali the fierce goddess who wears a necklace of skulls and human heads dangle from her belt. Her wild dance destroys illusions; she helps us see reality, the disgusting and beautiful.  

Jyeshta "the eldest" 16.40 to 30.00 Scorpio

Symbol            circular amulet, umbrella, earring       

Deity   Indri, chef of the gods           

Stars    Antares is the heart of the Scorpion. Antares means, "rival of Mars". This is a military, political star, gives a drive for power, honors with possible sudden loss. 

Anurada "the disciple of the divine spark" 3.20 to 16.40 Scorpio

Symbol            triumphal archway, or a lotus 

Deity   Mitra as one of the Adityas is responsible for friendship and partnership.   

Stars    There are three stars in the body of the Scorpion. Isidis is situated in the right claw of the Scorpion. It gives a mystical interest, especially in astrology, immortality and shamelessness.  

Vishaka "the forked shaped" 20.00 Libra to 3.20 Scorpio

Symbol            Triumphal arch, potter’s wheel          

Deity   Indagni, a pair of deities Indra is the chef of the gods, and Agni is fire deified.     

Stars    The four stars forming the scales in the constellation of Libra. Zuben el Genubi gives the ability to concentrate on goals, and overcome obstacles. It is social, clever, but unforgiving and revengeful.

Mythology      Indra the king of the gods, combined with Agni fire provides the energy, strength and powerful potential in this nakshatra.     

Indications      This is the "Star of Purpose". They are very goal oriented, and don’t give up until they achieve success. Ambition, and concentrated power will conquer any obstacles or rivals. They are extremely competitive. With their hash opinions they may force their will and ideas on others. The end result or their bottom line may involve stepping on or either using others to get what they want. They need to be careful not to win the battle, but loose the war, by pushing their agendas too hard. If you have what they want, it will be hard for them to hide their feelings of envy and jealousy. They can become frustrated and angry when they don’t get what they want. They are always hopeful of success and their determination will persevere. They are patient, persistent and determined. They experience success in the second half of their life. As the warrior spirit they will get what they want, their best solution is to be the spiritual warrior. 

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by Abhishek Bhatnagar

Swati  "the sword" or "independence" 6.40 to 20.00 Libra

Symbol            young sprout swaying in the wind, coral       

Deity   Vayu, the wind god   

Stars    Acturus situated in the left knee of Bootes, denotes riches, renown, prosperity, success in the fine arts, and self-determination.     

Chitra: "the bright one" 23.20 Virgo to 6.40 Libra

Symbol            bright jewel, or pearl  

Deity   Tvashtar or Vishvakarma the celestial architect         

Stars    Spica, the bright star in the wheat ear of Virgo, this is one of the most auspicious stars of all denoting success, riches, and a love of the sciences and arts.  

Hasta "the hand" 10.00 to 23.20 Virgo

Symbol            hand, or fist    

Deity   Savitri or Surya, the Sun        

Stars    There are five stars representing the five fingers on the hand. Algorab is a double star situated in Corvus on the right wing of the crow. This star brings business success, charm, but eventual fall from favor. 

Uttara Phalguni "the later reddish one" 26.40 Leo to 10.00 Virgo

Symbol            bed (four legs), or hammock  

Deity   Aryaman, one of the Adityas, rules patronage, kindness, and favors. Bhaga and Aryaman are invoked together          

Stars    Denebola, situated in the Lion’s tail, quick mind, noble, generous, with high honors, but has an association with people with bad reputations.     

Purva Phalguni "the former reddish one" 13.20 to 26.40 Leo

Symbol            bed (the front legs), hammock, fig tree         

Deity   Bhaga god of bliss (marital) and prosperity   

Stars    Zosma, located in the back of the Lion, is a star of egotism and self-indulgence     

Mythology      The Phalgunis are the "marriage mansions". Where the power of love and attraction start with Rohini , here it results in the settling down in marriage. Bhaga protects marital happiness and bestows family inheritance. Lord Shiva started his marriage precession under this star.   

Magha "the great one" 0.00 to 13. 20 Leo

Symbol            royal throne    

Deity   Pitris, family ancestors, "The Fathers"           

Stars    Regulus, the heart of the lion, gives fame, lofty big ideals, with a thirst for power.

Mythology      This is the constellation believed to be the where our ancestors dwell and await their opportunity to reincarnate back with their families on earth.

Ashlesha ‘the embracer" 16.40 to 30.00 Cancer

Symbol            serpent, a curled up or coiled snake   

Deity   Sarpas, or the Nagas, deified snakes 

Stars    The ring of stars that form the head of the Hydra (a serpent like creature) Acubens situated on the southern claw of the crab, is good for writing, study of astrology and public affairs 

Mythology      The serpent is the symbol of great wisdom, found in the occult sciences such as astrology or psychology. The snake has been referred to as the kundalini energy that rises through the spine in bringing spiritual enlightenment and magical powers.   

Pushya "to nourish" 3.20 to 16.40 Cancer

Symbol            cow’s utter (milk producing), the lotus, an arrow and a circle          

Deity   Brihaspati, or Jupiter the priest of the gods   

Stars    Three stars in the constellation of Cancer, North and South Asellis refer to giving care and nourishment. 

Mythology      Brihaspati is the guru or teacher of the gods and is lord of speech and prayer. Shiva made Brihaspati into the planet Jupiter. Brihhaspati had his wife Tara stolen by Soma, and she bore a child from this affair (Budha). Brihaspati was taken by the charm of this child and raised it as his own.    

Ardra, "the moist one" 6.40 to 20.00 Gemini

Symbol            teardrop, diamond, a human head     

Deity   Rudra the storm god, "the howler" and god of destruction, another form of Shiva.

Stars    Betelgeuse is situated on the shoulder of Orion. A star of power, it gives an active mind, with ups and downs in career, and marital wealth and honors.      

Mrigashira "head of a deer" 23.20 Taurus to 6.40 Gemini

Symbol            deer’s head (Antelope)          

Deity   Soma, the Moon god (Chandra)        

Stars    Orion, a group of three stars that represent the head of the hunter in the sky. Bellatrix is on the left shoulder of Orin means "female warrior" gives military honors.        

Rohini "the red one" 10.00 to 23.20 Taurus

Symbol            cart or a chariot, temple, banyan tree 

Deity   Brahma, or Prajapati, the creator       

Stars    There are five stars of the head of the Bull (the Hyades). Aldebaran is the red eye of the bull. This star gives enthusiasm, intelligence, eloquence, and public honors, but there can be sickness and violence.     

Mythology      Of the 27 daughters, Rohini was the Moon’s (Soma) favorite wife. He spent more time in this nakshatra, because of her beauty and seductive qualities. The others sisters became jealous and the father (Prajapati) cast a spell on Soma, where he becomes ill each month but recovers. This is why the Moon waxes and wanes each month.

Krittika "the one who cuts" 26.40 to 10.00 Taurus  

Symbol            a knife, or a razor       

Deity   Agni, god of fire        

Stars    The Pleiades, (The "Weeping Sisters") Alceyone one of the six Pleiades, is the star of sorrow, success and prominence. Algol is one of the most violent evil stars, which deals with decapitation or symbolically loosing your head.  

Mythology      Karttikeya, a powerful warrior, was born in the Pleiades and nursed by the six sisters who were falsely accused of infidelity.  

Bharani "the bearer of new life" 13.20 to 26.40 Aries         

Symbol            yoni, the female organ for reproduction        

Deity   Yama, god of death, or Dharma        

Stars    A binary star in the left foot of Andromenda, Almach gives honor and artistic ability.

Menkar, placed in the jaw of the whale indicates disgrace, trouble with legacies, and dishonor.


Mythology      This part of the sky was called Apabharani, which means "the waters that carry things away". This refers to all the souls that will transit here when they die. Yama is like Pluto and leads the dead to the other world. Yama was the first man sent to earth and the first man to die          

Ashwini  "the horse woman" 0.00 to 13.20 Aries

Symbol            horse’s head   

Deity   Ashwini Kumaras the horse headed twins who, as physicians to the gods, perform medical miracles         Stars    El Sharatan, the horn of the Ram. Its qualities are violent, outspoken, and brazen  
Mythology      Sanjna is the name of the goddess who disguised herself as a horse and fled from her husband because he betrayed her. He caught up with her, and their offspring produced the Ashwini Kumaras, the horse-headed twins. Each day the twins bring the dawn as their chariot speeds through the sky 
Your Love Line
Your love line, also known as your heart line, relates to all the emotions and situations that are associated with love. This line is above your head and life line. It begins under your index or middle finger and extends toward your pinky.
How to read your love line:


Physical features:- Middle stature, generally plump body, broad forehead, thickand stout neck, beautiful and attractive face, eyes and ears
large, broad shoulders and well developed muscles, wheatish
complexion, white teeth, heavy thighs, curly hairs, mole on
back or armpit.
General :-

Loving nature, fond of beauty, music, colour and artistic ways.

Fond of ease, love and luxury, good food.If not listened to

attentively, they act like bull. Physical powers and mental

endurance is noteworthy. Having good friends.

Straightforward and natural. Considers pros and cons before

arriving at any conclusion. Amass wealth, applies caution in

spending. Self reliant, have their own principles and ways.Being

highly diplomatic, too difficult to be understood. Precise

worker, usually good in memory which helps to remember

even the slightest details. Can carryout any plan cheerfully

and successfully. Employed in best paid professions, like to

trade in luxury goods like electronics, cosmetics, perfumes,

jewellery etc. They become excellent actors, musicians, film

producers etc. May be employed in girls school or ladies �

club.Lucky, spends money in ornaments, gardening,

horticulture etc. Practical in material affairs. Always beloved

of fair sex and generally begets large member of female

children. Divorce is rare in married life. Liable to suffer from

tonsillitis, diphtheria, pyorrhea, cold, constipation. Suffer

mental imbalance at least once in life. Suffer mental agony

due to family problems during the age 8 to 16 and 36 to 47,

should be cautious during the age of 46 to 51. Should not

loose heart during difficult periods. 1,2,8,33,44 and 61 are

inauspicious years during the life.

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Physical Features: - Middle stature, lean and muscular body,
neither stout nor thick, long face and neck, broad head, mark
or scar on head or temples, teeth well set, round eyes, curly
General: -
Auspicious years - 16,20, 28, 34, 41, 48, 51
Inauspicious years - 1, 3, 6, 8, 15, 21, 36, 40, 45, 56, 63
Ambitious, pushful and aggressive nature. Stubborn but frank,
have practical ideas. Loves beauty, art and elegance.
Adventurous, fond of argument and debate, never hesitates
to pick up a quarrel. Fanaticism in religious matters,