April 2017
I already write so many article on palmistry  but today i am discussing about the fate line in hand what are major indication on fate line and what are the significance for that indication on the fate line . so lets start the discussion

Psychic hand reading aka palm reading is one of the most important topics on occult science and this video we are talking about the mercury mount what kind of indication they have and what kind of impact we see on our life . In this palmistry video we cover all the things related marks on mercury and its part first keep watching second part will come soon. 


Effect of guru Mahadasha 

General Interpretations

General effects which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Jupiter are as follows:

During the Maha Dasha of Jupiter, the desired fruits are attained from those in positions of authority.

Interest in worship of god, religion, study of Veda, Puranas, shastras and performing yagyas, etc. prevails.

One may keep the company of good people, saints, be devoted to elders and may perform pious deeds.


General Interpretations 

General effects which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Mars are as follows : 

There may be fear from those in authority, domestic quarrels, and enmity with spouse, children, and relatives is possible. One may have to consume contaminated food. There may be problems from thieves, fire, bondage, etc. There may be pain due to acidity, blood infection and fever resulting in unconsciousness.