General Interpretations 

General effects which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Mars are as follows : 

There may be fear from those in authority, domestic quarrels, and enmity with spouse, children, and relatives is possible. One may have to consume contaminated food. There may be problems from thieves, fire, bondage, etc. There may be pain due to acidity, blood infection and fever resulting in unconsciousness. 

Specific Interpretations: 

Interpretations based on the condition of the planet and other influences in the birth chart and divisional charts are as follows : 

During this period, pain may be caused due to conflicts with enemies and unhappiness due to mourning, fire and poison. Pain in the eyes, kidneys and urinary organs may occur. During this period one may suffer from pain, imprisonment and loss of wealth. Extreme pain and suffering are foreseen. 
One may have to move away from one's motherland due to some state displeasure and will be separated from spouse and friends. During this period, enemies may surface suddenly, however they are defeated in the end. 

Financial instability persists. Fame in courageous deeds may be attained. Some maternal relative may meet with an accident or may be in pain. During the Maha Dasha of Mars, one's behaviour may not be up to the mark. Worry due to expenditure, anxiety because of children and mental restlessness may prevail. 


Effects of Antar Dasha of Mars in the Maha Dasha of Mars There may be differences with brothers and brothers may suffer pain. There may be conflicts with enemies, destruction of enemies, increase of courage and valor. Fear of king and obstacles in work may be possible. Physical heat may increase and there may be pain due to vrana ailment and ailments caused by the blood acidity and burning sensation. Effects like gains or wealth by the beneficence of the king (government), beneficence of Goddess Lakshmi, recovery of a lost kingdom (reinstatement in a high position)and of wealth, birth of a son. Fulfillment of ambitions by the beneficence of the king (government ) and acquisition of a house, land cow, buffalo, etc. Urinary troubles, wound danger from snakes and the king (government ) will be the results. There will be mental agony and body pains. 


Effects of Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Maha Dasha of Mars There may be fear from the king, thieves, fire, weapons and enemies. Wealth and food may be destroyed, elders and friends may be harmed and these may multiply problems. There may be physical pain and ill deeds may be accomplished. Effects like recognition from government, gain of house, land, etc., happiness from son, extraordinary profits in business, bathing in holy rivers like Gangas , and foreign journeys. Danger from snakes, wounds, destruction of cattle, danger from animals, diseases due to imbalance of bile and wind, imprisonment, etc. There will be loss of wealth. 


Effects of Antar Dasha of Jupiter in the Maha Dasha of Mars Wealth and land may be attained by the king and Brahmins. Illness may prevail, enlightenment, strength and valor may increase. There may be enthusiasm in performing good deeds, faith and devotion in gods and interest in pilgrimages. 

There may be bliss due to sons, friends and vehicles. Victory will be attained and respect and honor will be received from the people. There may be a fear of ailments to the kidneys. 

Effects like good reputation and renown, honors by government, increase in wealth and grains, happiness at home, gain of property, happiness from wife and children, etc. 

Acquisition of a house, land , well being, gain of property, sound health, good reputation, gains of cattle , success in business, happiness to wife and children, reverence from government , gain of wealth etc., 

Danger from thieves, snakes, wrath of the king (government), bilious diseases, oppression by goblins ('Prot"), loss of servants and co-borns. 


Effects of Antar Dasha of Saturn in the Maha Dasha of Mars Pain may be caused by wife, son and relatives and physical hardships may persist till death. There may be obstacles related to wealth, loss in business, a lowly position in service and hardships due to transfers. There may be fear due to enemies, thieves, kings, loss of wealth and problems related to domestic life. Ailments may cause pain, anxiety and one may return to one's native place. Effects like recognition from the king (government), increase in reputation, gain of wealth and grains, happiness from children and grand children, increase in the number of cows, etc. 

Results will generally fructify on Saturday s in the month of Saturn Danger from Yavana king (foreign dignitaries), loss of wealth, imprisonment, possibility of affliction with diseases, loss in agricultural production. 

Effect like great danger, loss of life, wrath of king (government), mental agony, danger from thieves and fire, punishment by the king ( government), loss of co-borns, dissensions amongst members of the family, loss of cattle, fear of death, distress to wife and children, imprisonment , etc. 

There will be journeys to foreign lands, loss of reputation, violent actions, loss from sale of agricultural lands, loss of position, agony, defeat in battle, urinary troubles, etc. 

Effects like death, danger from the king (government) and thieves, rheumatism, pain, danger from the enemy and members of the family. 


Effects of Antar Dasha of Mercury in the Maha Dasha of Mars Wealth may be acquired from business and from vaishyas. There may be happiness due to festivities, increase of houses, cows and grains. There may be fear due to enemies, thieves, and king's mental agony and separation from wife , son and friends. Relatives may be insulting and some wicked person may cause mental agony. 

Effects like association with pious and holy persons, performance of Ajaya Japa, charities, observance of religious rites, gain of reputation, inclination towards diplomacy, availability of sweetish preparations, acquisition of conveyances, clothes and cattle, etc., conferment of authority in government), success in agricultural projects, etc. 

Diseases of heart, imprisonment, loss of kinsmen, distress to wife and children, destruction of wealth and cattle, etc. will result There will be journeys to foreign lands, increase in the number of enemies, affliction with many kind of ailments, antagonism with the king (government), quarrels with kinsmen etc., 

Fulfillment of all ambitions, gain of wealth and grains, recognition by the king(government), acquisition of a kingdom (attainment of a high position in government), gain of clothes and ornaments, attachment to many kind of musical instruments, attainment of the position of a commander of an army, discussions on Shastras and Puranas ( Vedic scripts), gain of riches to wife and children, and beneficence of Goddess Lakshmi. 

Effects like defamation, sinful thinking, harsh speech, danger from thieves, fire, and the king (government), quarrels without reason, fear of attack by thieves and dacoits ( armed rubber bands) during travel. 

There will be a possibility of critical illness. 


Effects of Antar Dasha of Ketu in the Maha Dasha of Mars Business may be negative and there may be loss of wealth. Friends and brothers may cause pain, wife and children may suffer hardships & there may be enmity towards wicked people. There may be agony due to stomach ailments and sudden pain due to fire or weapons. Beneficence of the king (government), gain of wealth, little gains of land at the commencement of the Dasha and substantial later, birth of a son, conferment of authority by government, gain of cattle, etc. 

Birth of a son, increase in reputation , beneficence of Goddess Lakshmi, gains of wealth from employees, attainment of the position of a commander of an army, friendship with the king ( cordial relations with high government officials), performance of oblations, gains of clothes and ornaments. 

Effects like quarrels, tooth trouble, distress from thieves and tigers, fever, dysentery leprosy, and distress to wife and children, etc. 

Diseases, disgrace, agony and loss of wealth 


Effects of Antar Dasha of Venus in the Maha Dasha of Mars One may be inclined to do many types of business. Wealth may be attained from friends and happiness may prevail. Wife will be endowed with clothes, ornaments and vehicles. Money may be spent excessively and migration. 

Effects like acquisition of a kingdom (attainment of a high position in government), great enjoyment and comfort of luxuries, gain of elephants, horses, clothes, etc. 

Happiness of wife and children, opulence and glory, and increased good fortune. Gain of property, celebrations on the birth of a son, gain of wealth from the employer, acquisition of a house, land, villages, etc. b the beneficence of the sovereign. 

In the last part of the Dasha there will be functions of songs and dances and bathing in holy water.
Construction of wells, reservoirs, etc, and performance of religious, charitable and pious deeds. 
There will be sorrows, physical distress, loss of wealth, danger from thieves, and the king ( government), dissensions in the family, distress to wife and children and destruction of cattle. 

Pains in the body in his Antar Dasha. 

For regaining good health, the remedial measure to be adopted is giving a cow or female buffalo in charity. 


Effects of Antar Dasha of Sun in the Maha Dasha of Mars Victory and honor will be received from the state. Valor and influences increase and there may be success in debates. Wealth may be gained and there may be desire to roam around. Father may suffer pain, there may be enmity towards paternal relatives and dear ones may cause sufferings. 

Effects like acquisition of conveyances, gain of reputation, birth of a son, growth of wealth, amicable atmosphere in the family , sound health, potency, recognition by the king (government) , extraordinary profits in business, and audience with the king ( meeting with high officials of the government), etc. Distress to the body, agony, failure in ventures, possibilities of suffering from troubles in the forehead, fever, dysentery, etc. 

There will be attacks of fever, danger from snakes and poison and distress to son. 


Effects of Antar Dasha of Moon in the Maha Dasha of Mars A high position and state honor may be received. Ornaments, wealth and jewels may be gained. One will meet friends and receive help and worldly comforts from them. Desire will be fulfilled and there may be auspicious events everyday. 

Laziness and cough ailment may afflict the body. Acquisition of more kingdom ( promotion to a higher position in government) Gain of perfumes, clothes, construction of reservoirs, shelters for cows, etc. 

Celebrations of auspicious functions like marriage , etc. happiness to wife and children, good relations with parents. Acquisition of property by the beneficence of the sovereign, success in the desired projects. Since the Moon is waxing, the good effects will be realized in full. Since the Moon is waning, the impact of the effects are reduced to some extent. 
The effects like death, distress to wife and children loss of lands, wealth and cattle, and danger of a war, etc.__________________________________________________________________-

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