In this article we are talking various indication of fate line and what are impacts .

I already write so many article on palmistry  but today i am discussing about the fate line in hand what are major indication on fate line and what are the significance for that indication on the fate line . so lets start the discussion

1- if your fate line ended on Saturn Mount or in hindi we say shani parvart then you are most lucky person and have lots of money but its should be started from the bottom of the palm and there is not cut or breaks in it because cut and breaks is not good sign in palmistry it denotes the problems in your life in certain part of life .

2- if your fate line start form the bottom form the palm and ended on the mount of sun ,sun mount is quite develop and having a sun line its very good indication for  high profile jobs like IAS PCS . But your sun mount should be good condition means full develop . If its not in development do some remedies for that .

3- if your fate line ended on the little finger without any breaks or cut that person have good amount of gold and get married in high family or in other means married in rich family .

4-if your fate line starts form middle of the palm and ended on the saturn mount (shani) then its shows that early part of life you face lots of problem  but u have courage to fight and u became successful now .

5- if your fate line start form the life line or touch the life line that clearly show that family member will support you in any stage of your life .

so these are some indication of the fate line hope you like this article share this article with your social networking accounts .

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