Effect of guru Mahadasha

Effect of guru Mahadasha 

General Interpretations

General effects which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Jupiter are as follows:

During the Maha Dasha of Jupiter, the desired fruits are attained from those in positions of authority.

Interest in worship of god, religion, study of Veda, Puranas, shastras and performing yagyas, etc. prevails.

One may keep the company of good people, saints, be devoted to elders and may perform pious deeds.

Respect in the community and leadership is attained.

One may be skilled in the knowledge of the past and future

One may be endowed with land, clothes and vehicles.

Wealth may be acquired.

During the Maha Dasha of Jupiter, some very good job or position involving authority and domination may be acquired.

In the end , wealth, honour from the king and opportunities for undertaking long travels may be attained.

However, mental anxiety may cause physical pain.

Moderate amount of wealth, some fame, some patience and bliss may be attained during the Maha Dasha of Jupiter.

Thieves may cause loss of wealth.

There may be friendship with the those in high places and success in arguments.

Happiness from good friends, good clothes, spouse, children, and wealth. This Maha Dasha is very auspicious. It brings respect from friends and possession of vehicles.

Yagyas and weddings and other auspicious events bring happiness.

Wealth and kingdom may be attained.

Friendship with rich and powerful people is possible.

Job and vehicle may be attained.

Bliss from spouse, children and friends is possible.

Birth of a child is foreseen.

High position, service, respect and authority are attained during the Maha Dasha of Jupiter.

Friendship with big people, name and leadership in the family are foreseen.

Gain, prosperity and happiness are attained from the those in high places.


Effects of Antar Dasha of Jupiter in the Maha Dasha of Jupiter

Enthusiasm and physical enlightenment will prevail.

Educational and scientific knowledge will be attained. Fame and position will be acquired through education.

One will enjoy the king's favor , prosperity , respect, good habits and good fortune.

All work will be successfully accomplished, bliss of children will prevail and there will be monetary gains of many types.

Sovereignty over many kings, very well endowed with riches, reversed by the king, gains of cattle, clothes ornaments, conveyances.

Construction of a new house, and a decent mansion, opulence and glory, dawn of fortune, success in ventures, meetings with Brahmins and the king, extraordinary profits from the employer and happiness of wife and children.

Association with the menials, great distress, slander by coparceners, wrath of the employer, separation from wife and children, and loss of wealth an grains.

There will be pains in the body.


Effects of Antar Dasha of Saturn in the Maha Dasha of Jupiter

There is a possibility of physical weakness, a jealous mentality and internal unhappiness.

Work and business may suffer, wealth, religion and fame will be harmful. Bed addictions may develop and one may have illicit relations with other women.

There may be pain due to fever and excessive expenditure.

Effects like acquisition of a kingdom ( attainment of a high position in government), gain of clothes, ornaments, wealth, grains, conveyances, cattle, and position, happiness from son and friends, etc., gains specially of a blue coloured horse, journey to the West, audience with the king, and receipt of wealth from him.

Loss of wealth, affliction with fever, mental agony, infliction of wounds to wife and children, inauspicious events at home, loss of cattle and employment, antagonism with kinsmen, etc.

There will be gain of land, house, son, and cattle, acquisition of riches and property through the enemy etc.

Effects like loss of wealth, antagonistic relations with kinsmen, obstacles in industrial ventures, pains in the body, danger from the members of the family, etc., will be realised.


Effects of Antar Dasha of Mercury the Maha Dasha of Jupiter

Faith in God and acquiring knowledge of the yogas is predicted.

One may be honored by scholars and interest in good deeds may arise, work efficiency increases.

Happiness increases due to the king's favor and wealth may be attained through business and because of one's wife.

One may be endowed with vehicles, temples may be built and the bliss of friends, wife and son prevails.

Long journeys may be undertaken and the mind may be energetic. Headaches and fear of restlessness may prevail.

Effects like gains of wealth, bodily felicity, acquisition of a kingdom (attainment of a high position in the government), gain of conveyances, clothes, and cattle etc.

There will be loss of wealth, journeys to foreign countries, danger from thieves while traveling, wounds, burning sensations, eye troubles, wanderings in foreign lands.

Distress without reason, anger, loss of cattle , loss in business.

There will be enjoyment, gains of wealth conveyances and clothes at the commencement of the Antar Dasha.

At the end of the Dasha, however, there will be loss of wealth and bodily distress.

There will be loss of wealth, journeys to foreign countries, danger from thieves while traveling, wounds, burning sensations, eye troubles, wandering in foreign lands.


Effects of Antar Dasha of Ketu the Maha Dasha of Jupiter

There is a possibility of loss of position, wandering and instability.

There may be disagreement with relatives, sons and brothers may suffer and public opinion may be opposing .

Elders may suffer due to conflicts, the king's anger and loss of wealth and ailments may prevail.

There may be fear of injury, harm due to servants and mental agony.

Moderate enjoyment, moderate gain of wealth, coarse food or food given by others food given at the time of death ceremonies and acquisition of wealth though undesirable means.

Effects like loss of wealth by the wrath of the king, imprisonment, diseases, loss of physical strength, antagonism with father and brother and mental agony.

Acquisition of a palanquin ( motor car), elephants, etc. beneficence of the king success in the desired spheres, profit in business, increase in the number of cattle, gain of wealth, clothes etc., from a Yavana King (Muslim dignitary).

There will be physical distress.


Effects of Antar Dasha of Venus the Maha Dasha of Jupiter

One may be inclined towards religious deeds and service of good people.

Happiness due to excellent education and the company of scholars may prevail.

The government will be favourable and wealth, vehicles and royal symbols are attained.

Women may cause pain and loss of wealth, there may be enmity with people, separation from friends and one may be addicted to bad habits.

Gastric ailments, conflicts and mental anxiety are possible.

Effects like acquisition of conveyances like palanquin, elephants, etc., gain of wealth by the beneficence of the king ( govt.) enjoyment, gain of blue and red articles, extraordinary income from journeys to the East, well being in the family, happiness from parents, devotion to deities, construction of reservoirs, charities , etc.

Evil effects like quarrels, antagonism with kinsmen, distress to wife and children.

There will be quarrels, danger from the king (government), antagonism with the wife, disputes with the father in law and with brothers, loss of wealth, etc.,

There will be gain of wealth, happiness from wife, meeting with the king (high governmental officials), increase in the number of children, conveyances and cattle, enjoyment of music, society with men of learning, availability of sweetish preparation, giving help and assistance to kinsmen, etc.

Loss of wealth, antagonism with wife, etc.


Effects of Antar Dasha of Sun Maha Dasha of Jupiter

Authority and respect may be attained from the king. Some respectable title may also be fortunately received.

Friendship with good people, increase of enlightenment and valor and domination over the nation and public are possible.

Bliss of children, progress of children, journeys to religious places and increase in fame are possible.

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