Nakshatra and their Deity

1. Ashwini Nakshatra: The Deity is Ashwini KuMaras, Physicians to the God. Worshiping AshwinikuMar in Ashwini Nakshatra, the person gets free from all ailments and becomes long lived. 

2. Bharani Nakshatra: The Deity is yama, God of death, sakti.  Worshiping Yama by blue flowers and camphor in Bharani Nakshatra will protect the person from premature death. 

3. Krittika Nakshatra: The Deity is Agni, God of fire. Worshiping Agni (Fire god) in Krittika Nakshatra with the garland made of Rakt Pushpa (Red flower) and with homam gives what you desired and burn your negativity. 

4. Rohini Nakshatra: The Deity is God Brahma, Prajapati. Worshiping Lord Brahma in Rohini Nakshatra would fulfill all the desires. 

5. Mrigashira Nakshatra: The Deity is soma, the Moon God. Worshiping Moon in Mrigashira Nakshatra gives knowledge and good health. 

6.  Ardra Nakshatra: The Deity is Rudra, lord of storms. Worshiping Lord Shiva in Ardra Nakshatra gives victory. The person is blessed on worshiping lord Shiva with Lotus and other flowers. Before starting journey or undertaking any work, one should worship the Nakshatra lords to get success in the task. 

7. Punarvasu Nakshatra: The Deity is Aditi, mother of all demigods. Worshiping Aditi (wife of sage Kashyap, mother of Gods) in Punarvasu Nakshatra gives protection. 

8. Pushya Nakshatra: The Deity is Brihaspati, lord of sacred speech. Worshiping Brihaspati (Jupiter) in Pushya Nakshatra, is blessed with wisdom and cure speech defect. 

9. Ashlesha Nakshatra: The Deity is Naga God, the serpent king. Worshiping Nagas in Ashlesha Nakshatra will free one from the fears of Nagas (snake). 

10. Magha Nakshatra: The Deity is Pitris, protector of family. Worshiping the Pitras (departed souls) in Magha Nakshatra gives wealth, sons, animals and servants. Relieve you from bad karma with ancestors of the past. 

11. Purva Phalguni Nakshatra: The Deity is Bhaga, The God of prosperity, Shiva lingam. 
Worshiping bhaga in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra gives, luxury, desired spouse and blesses them with good looks & wealth. 

12. Uttara Phalguni: The Deity is Arayman, God of patronage. Worshiping in Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra gives, victory, well liked by the people and blesses them with wealth. 

13. Hasta Nakshatra: The Deity is Savitar, the Sun God. Worshiping Sun God in Hasta Nakshatra by Gandha (sandalwood paste) and flowers gives all wealth and luxuries. 

14. Chitra Nakshatra: The Deity is Tvashtar, the celestial architect. Worshiping Lord Twashta (the celestial architect) in Chitra Nakshatra gives a kingdom free from enemies. 

15. Swati Nakshatra: The Deity is Vayu, the demigod of wind, Goddess SaraSwati. Worshiping Vayu (Air God) in Swati Nakshatra gives lots of divine strength and knowledge. 

16.  Vishaka Nakshatra: The Deity is God of fire. Worshiping Indragni in Vishaka Nakshatra with red flowers, the person begets wealth and becomes lustrous. 

17. Anuradha Nakshatra: The Deity is Mitra, radha, devotee of krishna. Worshiping Mitradev (Friend God) in Anuradha Nakshatra with devotion and rituals, the person begets Laxmi (goddess of wealth) and long life. 

18. Jyeshta Nakshatra: The Deity is Indra, King of the God. Worshiping the King of Gods Indra, in Jyeshta Nakshatra, the person gets strength and becomes rich and superior in wealth, behaviors and karmas, get high position. 

19.  Moola Nakshatra: The Deity is Nitriti, Goddess of destruction. Worshiping gods and the departed souls with devotion in Moola Nakshatra the person gains heaven and gains fruits of past good deeds. 

20. Poorvashada Nakshatra: The Deity is Apas, Varuna, God of rain. Worshiping Aap- Jal (water god) in Poorvashada Nakshatra and performing havan, the person is freed from mental and physical stress. 

21. Uttarashada Nakshatra: The Deity is the ten Vishvadevas, Universal Gods. Worshiping Vishwadev and Vishweshwar, in Uttarashada Nakshatra with flowers, the person begets everything. 

22. Shravana Nakshatra: The Deity is Vishnu, SaraSwati. Worshiping Lord Vishnu in Shravana Nakshatra with Shvet, Pita and Neel (white, yellow and blue) flowers the person gains wealth and victory. 

23. Dhanishta Nakshatra: The Deity is Eight vasus, deities of earthly abundance. Worshiping Vasu by Sandalwood paste and flowers, the person is freed from all kinds of fears. 

24.  Satabhisha Nakshatra: The Deity is Varuna. Worshiping Indra in Satabhisha Nakshatra, the person becomes free from all `ailments and the curious person begets strength, wealth and luxury. 

25. Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra: The Deity is Ajikapada, an ancient fire dragon. 
Worshiping Lord “Ajikapada” who is like a pure crystal bead, in Purva Bhadrapada Nakshatra, gives supreme devotion and victory. 

26. Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra: The Deity is Ahir Budhayana, serpent or dragon of the deep sea. Worshiping Ahirbudhnya in Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra gives divine peace. 

27. Revati Nakshatra: The Deity is Pushan, the nourisher. Worshiping Lord Pushan in Revati Nakshatra with white flowers gives lots of auspiciousness, non-destroyable courage and victory. If a someone lost some possession, deity pushan will help in finding their lost possession. Just ask him to help. 

Moon reside one day each Nakshatra in a month. You can check Nakshatra of the day from panchaga and worship according to your desire.

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