The Leo Love Mystery

The Cancerian Adolescent soul is transformed with brilliant suddenness into a symbolic Teenager, brought by the Leo vibration into the first expression of self-confidence and pride in individuality. Now the soul knows (or assumes) who he is - or who she is - as Leo feels an even stronger pull of the masculine positive Day Forces and the Fire Element than was felt on the Aries level. The world belongs to the Lion - or the Lioness - and so the Leonine "Teenager" gazes at his or her image in the mirror, admires what is seen and makes the noble vow: "I WILL." Summer has come into full bloom of furious beauty with lazy afternoons and bright sunshine, as Leo moves into SELF consciousness from the polarity meaning of Cancer's self-consciousness. The idealism of youth stirs the Lion's heart and sets the blood afire with the dawning knowledge of sexuality, two powerful urges that bring private inner doubts of worth, well hidden beneath outward vanity. The Leo soul knows what to do with this second experience as a Fixed Organizer, using it with apparent confidence to lecture others, take charge of his or her own life and rule over those who need Leo's protection. Yet the Leo man or woman, like the actual teenager, still seeks reassurance in the form of flattery, still cringes secretly when ridiculed, because he is not quite yet a man - she is not quite yet a woman - for all the surface sureness. The soul has already passed through the painful experiences of infancy, babyhood, childhood and adolescence, so Leo leads with sympathetic consideration for those who are more vulnerable. The soul in its Leo expression has no real desire to crush the helpless. Generosity of spirit was carved into Leo's memory by the tears wept through the Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer levels. However, although Leos have learned to tolerate and forgive enemies, they have not yet learned to respect the wisdom of elders. Like the real teenager, Leos  think they know all the answers, and are impatient with those who question their new worldly knowledge. 

The Leo soul worships the Sun, for the Sun is Leo's ruler, the source of all Life - and of his or her Leonine strength. Leo admires and is admired, loves and is loved. As social life begins, the joys of romance begin to bud then finally to flower. Puppy love is warm and bright, bringing to the Leo "Teenager" both elation and disappointment. The dizzy power of his manhood (or womanhood) gives to Leo a sense of personal dignity and importance - through the opposite sex. No longer must the Lions and Lionesses be restricted by the stifling authority of parental guidance. The bridge from childhood to adulthood has been spanned. The responsibilities of maturity are sensed, but still haven't become a burden. Life is all sunlight, the gloomy Past is behind, the miracle of the Future still ahead - and the Present is a time for fun and relaxation. Leo decides arrogantly that the world needs his newfound wisdom, and is more than willing to give it. Only through exercising unquestioned command over younger children (the weaker and not yet liberated souls) can a Leo man or woman in this experience retain the necessary image of superiority and self-respect. Leo's positive qualities are warmth, generosity, nobility, strength, loyalty, leadership and a soothing, gentle tenderness - the protective charisma of the older brother or sister, of the strong toward the weak. Expressed in their negative form they become arrogance, false pride, vanity, tyranny, haughtiness ... and romantic promiscuity. To the Leo in the symbolic Teenager stage of development, love is shimmering romance, the song-of-songs, the fulfillment of all ideals and beauty. Leo is "in love with love" and with himself - herself. Lions and Lionesses give affection generously only because it brings such pleasure to be so royally beneficent, demanding gratitude and respect from the beloved, outraged if love requires that they humble themselves as yet unable to comprehend its depth, or the beauty of its sacrifice of the "self."
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