Gomti Chakra

Whatever the nature of the earth is generated, it is not without reason, but must use it somewhere. We are all familiar with the properties of the objects, the greater the benefit to use in your life. But there are a lot of ignorance in which such items. Today we will tell you about some rare items that you use a variety of problems in life AND prosperous lives will be happy to find cures. We are talking about Gomti cycle, remove all the sorrows of your life be filled with happiness. It is found in river Gomti Alpmoli calcium stones are mixed. They saw a side surface is ruptured, and the other side are a few cycles. These cycles are considered a symbol of Lakshmi Ji.
Gomti cycles by using below-to-
1 if a person can diagnose your problems or child is repeatedly caught the eye, so he went on a retreat from 3 to 7 times over the Gomti cycles Throw off your back and not look back, see. The action never seems to be no blame.

 2. If you suffer from persistent economic loss, the first Monday of 11 cycles turmeric Gomti spellbound attention Shankar Tilak and shackled in yellow clothes immersed in water in the home are turning to a flow. Will benefit from it after a while.
3. If a child is afraid soon, on the first Tuesday of Hanuman Day spellbound Kndhen Gomti cycle of vermilion tilak someone tied in red cloth worn around the neck to the child. The child shall cease to be afraid of.
4-If you fall pregnant again in red cloth tied around the waist tie two Gomti cycle stops the pregnancy loss.
5-The Gomti cycle Keep in red vermilion box at home, peace in the house continues.
6-Take two Gomti tied to business growth cycle and the customer then went through the door, hang on, no doubt increase in business.
7-If you're not promoting a Gomti cycle peaked at the Shiva lingam in the temple to pray to the true heart. Indeed, will open the way to promotion
8-If differences in the couple's home in the south with three Gomti cycle Hlun Bljad saying to Fend, the differences will disappear.
9-Gomati Chakra pronounce the name of the festival day, the enemy by burning a vermilion Throw in Holly. Your enemies will become friends
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