(i) The aspect of a planet on another planet will set up a relationship between the houses that the two planets occupy, and between the house occupied by the aspecting planet and the houses owned by the aspected planet,
(ii) The aspect of a planet on a house sets up a relationship between the planet and houses owned and occupied by it, and the aspected house,
(iii) The karaka qualities of each planet involved in the aspect will also operate. In case of mutual aspect, the karaka qualities will combine to give resultant effects,
(iv) The aspecting planet will pass on its influence according to its nature for a particular ascendant. It will modify the influence of the aspected planet accordingly. The aspect of a friend of the owner of the ascendant on another planet will be beneficial,
(v) The aspecting planet will also carry with its aspect the effect of any planet that is in conjunction with it or aspects it, and the sign in which it is placed,

(vi) When there is mutual aspect between two planets, one of which is a beneficial planet and the other a malefic in nature, the beneficial planet will stand degraded to some extent due to the influence of the malefic planet, and the malefic planet will be improved. Such influence on each of the planets will be perceptible in their respective major-periods or sub-periods,
(vii) The extent of influence, referred to above, will depend on the strength of the planet aspecting and also the strength of the planet receiving the aspect. The effect of the aspect of a weak malefic planet on a powerful beneficial planet will not be as much as that of a powerful malefic planet on a weak beneficial planet.
(viii) Mutual aspect between two planets has an effect similar to their conjunction in a sign.
(ix) The good or bad results of mutual aspect will appear during the major-period of one planet and the sub-period of the other, or in the major-period or sub-periods of the more powerful of the two planets.
(x) Aspects to the ascendant and the tenth house should always be carefully worked out and understood, as these are of great importance in analysing the (from the first house) personality, longevity, well being, (from the tenth house) honour and profession of the native. Aspects of naturally beneficial planets which are also beneficial for the chart, on the tenth house will ensure that the native will take to a profession or find a livelihood easily, will have good returns from it and the source of his. earning will be good. The aspect of malefic planets will have just the reverse effect. If a Saturn or Mars that is beneficial for the ascendant, aspects the tenth house, it will give the native plenty of power and authority but if there is no other beneficial influence, the native is likely to meet with a fall from the position sometime.
(xi) The aspect of a powerful planet that is a beneficial planet for the ascendant, on a badly placed or adverse planet or on an afflicted house will reduce the adverse results that were to follow from such adverse planet or house. If the aspecting planet is a friend/intimate friend of the aspected planet, the results shall improve further
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