Man is the solution to all problems in every chapter of Durga as Sptsati have difficulty according to the chapter as a way of Durga Saptshati Kamnapurthy-
·        First Chapter I-  to erase all of the concern.
·        Chapter II -trial fight for victory in the beginning.
·        Chapter III - to get rid of the enemy.
·        Chapter IV -- devotion power and philosophy.

·        Chapter V --power and vision for the devotion.
·        Chapter VI --- fear, doubt, to delete all are handicap.
·        Chapter VII --- to complete every wish.
·        Chapter VIII --- to solder and captivate.
·        Chapter IX ---Looking for a missing 9, etc. for every wish and son.
·        Chapter X-- Looking for a missing , etc.
·        Chapter XI -- for the realization of business and property amenities.
·        Chapter XII  ---Honor and profit
·        Chapter XIII- devotion to achieve Triodes______________________- __________

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