Numerology Analysis For Arvind Kejriwal

Birth Name: Arvind Kejriwal

Birth Date: 8/16/1968 (August 16, 1968)

Your Inner or Soul's Urge:-
Number: 7
Deep down, you desire the best life has to offer. This includes living your inner life in peace and silence. You have a keen sense of perfection and like to meditate and analyze, dissect, examine, and consider things from every angle. And you can definitely do without poverty, the transitory, and the noise and confusion of the business world.
You love huge libraries, old and well-maintained gardens, classic pictures, and time mellowed furniture. You are intellectual, scientific, philosophical, deeply intuitive, and a well of secrecy. You are sought after for your wisdom. Probably you are somewhat shy and deeply emotional, but with a horror of showing it.
Your thoughts are often on others and their needs, especially those close to you, and this is observed through your projected personality. You are seen as one who is responsible, in service to others, and trying to establish emotional harmony. Sometimes you are seen as a fatherly or motherly type. It is observed that you are capable of deep affection and sacrifice.
When meeting new people, you tend to be either suspicious or gullible, sometimes switching between the two in succession. When threatened emotionally, you can be seen as defending yourself to near irrationality.
You are a builder, a manager and organizer to build solid foundations and structures that last for your and others' security. This applies to all work you undertake.
Rather than just dreaming, you strive for tangible results. Your success depends much upon your personal determination, sincerity, perseverance, patience, and honesty.
You are systematic, methodical, trustworthy, dependable, and effective; a craftsman, a builder, and an organizer slowly and surely building for the future. You are solid yet durable, precise, and dignified. When you have a definite goal, you are persistent until it is reached.
You know the value of a job well done.

You are following a path of creativity and self-expression through art, beauty, friendliness, happiness, and harmony. Your creative force helps you through the obstacles life sometimes presents for your experience.
You are a welcome addition to most any social gathering. You are a natural host and benefit from socializing. Give of yourself, freely and joyously. You are inclined to be imaginative, inspired, and able to tap deep emotions.
This Year's Path
Number: 22
This is a practical year; no long leisurely periods for dreaming, personal indulgence, or careless living. It is a time to build the firm and secure foundation upon which your future depends, using practical values and steady application. It is also the time to work out the details of that project you've been thinking about.
The year opens the door to a greater understanding of your soul purpose. It presents opportunities to serve on a larger scale.
This is the year to find where you stand in life, and to be practical about it -- to pay attention to details; no time for careless living. This is your chance, with hard work and specific orientation, to do something big for yourself and for the good of the world. It is the year to put your dreams to practical use.
This year demands a lot of work, not only to improve the present but also to build practical foundations for the future. Your diligence brings commensurate rewards. With good sense, you can meet all requirements and experience satisfactory gain.
Your gatherings, meetings, parties, and trips are mostly related to work or business. Read the fine print of all transactions.
As part of the practical focus of this year, attend to health matters.

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