Celebrate Holi with your Number 's Colour

As the Holi just round the corner and every thing seems to be happy . Today i am giving you the color according to your number to play holi festival . But Before we get started Happy Holi to all the viewer of my , May god give every color in you life .

Basic color meanings:
REDIt represents great will, authority, power and independence.
ORANGEIt represents a feeling of peace and tranquility.
YELLOWIt represents optimism and joy of living.
GREENIt represents system and order.
BLUEIt represents freedom and changeability.
INDIGOIt represents order, responsibility, balance and love.
VOILETIt represents intuition and spiritualism.
SILVERIt represents illumination and visionary.
GOLDIt represents the ideal of materialism in the world.

By Name Your Numbers

 What's in a name? Would you believe a color energy that's a clue to your personality? Maybe you don't. But some numerologists do, and they base their belief about the relationship between numbers, color, and the alphabet on the theories of Pythagoras, no less. Here's how it works: Take each letter in your name and find its corresponding number in the guide at right. Add all the numbers, then reduce the total to a single digit.

For Exp :-


1+2+8+9+1+8+5+2 (ABHISHEK)




1. Red: The most dominant personality. A visionary and risk-taker: energetic, passionate, tenacious, flamboyant, and courageous.
2. Orange: Balanced both mentally and physically. Happy, loyal, takes each day as it comes.
3. Yellow: Cheerful, charming, magnetic, intelligent, confident, and creative. Somewhat psychic, and enigmatic. A good leader and negotiator.
4. Green: The perfect balance between the physical and mental. Grounded, logical, not easily influenced, rarely judgmental. An intensely loyal friend — and has lots of them.
5. Blue: Optimistic, empathetic, flexible, idealistic, tranquil, patient, devoted. A natural mother.
6. Indigo: A brilliant old soul who is intuitive, sensitive, impulsive, curious, and ambitious, with a great lust for life.
7. Violet: Also an old soul. Intense, cerebral, wise, loving, generous, sentimental, and artistic.
8. Rose: Main qualities are strength, love, and leadership. Turns visions into realities.
9. Gold: Radiates love, joy, compassion, and understanding.

By Birth Number Like  24 (2+4=6)

Association of Numbers with colors:
Number 1: Orange, gold, yellow, copper, bronze and brown.Number 2: Green, lavender, cream and white.Number 3: Pink, Mauve, violet and purple.Number 4: Electric blue and grey.Number 5: Light grey, pearl grey, turquoise and white.Number6: All shades of blue and pink.Number7: All shades of green, white and yellow.Number8: Black, dark blue and purple.Number9: All shades of reds, Crimson, rose and maroon.

Colors for Luck
Persons born on 1, 10, 19 or 28 are governed by the Sun planet. They should use orange or red color for luck. 

Persons born on
 2, 11, 20 or 29 are governed by the Moon planet. They should use white color for luck. 

Persons born on 
3, 12, 21, or 29 are governed by the Jupiter planet. They should use yellow color for luck.

Person born on 
4, 13, 22, or 31 are governed by the Rahu planet. They should use green color for luck.

Person born on 
5, 14, or 23 are governed by the Mercury planet. They should use light grey color for luck.

Persons born on 
6, 15 or 24 are governed by the Venus planet. They should use blue color for luck.

Person born on 
7, 16 or 25 are governed by the Ketu planet. They should use cat’s eye color or light green color for luck.

Person born on 
8, 17 or 26 are governed by the Saturn planet. They should use dark blue color for luck.

Person born on
 9, 18 or 27 are governed by the Mars planet. They should use red color for luck.


Hope u understand ... 


Thanks for reading 

Abhishek bhatnagar 


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