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hey if your birthday come under the 1, 10 ,19, 28 then you come's under the numerology One  . Taking about the  number one  is ,people under this number  distinguish himself form other people and back himself .The individual has to develop the capability of standing  on his own and going form dependence to independence .
People born on this day, are very creative and imaginative by nature. They firmly stand on their ground and they have a great power of persuasion. Therefore, they do not like any limitations and they do not ask much for advice. They prefer to work alone, independently. Most often people with the Birthday Number 1 do not need neither a manager, nor a subordinates.  These people are ambitious, they have a great determination and a very strong will, which sometimes may manifest as stubbornness and willfulness. People born on this day, are able to reach the incredible heights in their life and career, especially if they have enough support from their family.

The Number Vibrations

Natural Match Numbers:  1, 5, and 7
Compatible Numbers:   2, 3, and 9
Challenge Numbers:   4 and 6
Neutral Numbers:   8

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