Fact about number 9

under Number 9 are idealistic, and compassionate. In their characters they often have a significant element of sacrifice. They love to do good things for the others, a significant portion of their time is usually given for a charity and support of those who need help. People of Number 9 are very strict in their principles, their judgment often may sound categorically. This people often have a great artistic taste and musical talents. Many of them work in the area of fine arts or in any field of artistic creation. In any case - they are a true connoisseurs of fine art, poetry and music. Their criticism is balanced by a tendency for the good taste. In life people of Number 9 must learn to evaluate any situation with a maximum of impartiality, go their own way and achieve their goals relying only on themselves.

The 9 Vibration
Natural Match Numbers:  3, 6, and 9
Compatible Numbers:  1, 2, and 5
Challenge Numbers:  4, 7, and 8

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