5 Indication thats indicate money in your hand

There are mainly eight symbols present in the palm, triangle, cross, point, circle, island, square, . The round shape formed in hand is called a circle.  It is said that in whose hands this figure is made He receives money suddenly.

5 Indication  thats indicate money in your hand

1.  if a person is marked with a circle on the jupiter  mountain, then the behavior of that person is effective. Such people get high positions in society through hard work and talent on their own.

2. If there is a sign of a circle on the Saturn mountain of a person, then that person receives money from a sudden. Such as lottery etc.

3. In astrology, if a person has a trace of a circle on the sun's mountain, then such a person is a sattvik thinker in life. Because of his thoughts, he becomes a famous person in the world.

4. If a person has a sign on a Budh mountain, then the person has huge money in business. That people  never lacks wealth in his life.

5. If a person has a sign of a circle on the lunar mountain, such a person is afraid of water. Such people should stay away from water.
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