Marriage line in palmistry , love marriage indication

Marriage line play a important role in the palmistry see below some important indications

1. If a woman's hand in marriage in the island marks the beginning of the line to be married are likely to be a fraud. Additionally, it also marks the spouses refers to poor health.
2. If a person's hand in marriage much more downward sloping line is visible and when he went down to the heart line intersecting it is not considered auspicious. Such a line of the person may be undergoing a partner in his presence.
3. Marriage in the palm of a person long line and the sun is about to go up the mountain, it is a symbol of the rich and wealthy spouses.
3. There was a line of Mercury mountain, threatening to cut a person's marital troubles marriage line is full.
The broken line in the middle of the wedding so it is considered a sign of marriage. It should also consider the other marks of the palm.

4. At the end of the marriage line like a snake's tongue, two branches of the difference of opinion between husband and wife, it dictates.
5. If a man's left hand and right-hand line of the two marriage is a marriage line of people who have the best wife. These people very much in love with the wife and husband are very caring.
6. If the right-hand and left-hand line of the two marriage is a marriage line of people who are not their husbands more caring.
7. Marriage line in both hands and is about the same length and the same good characteristics of such people are happy married life. These people have a good rapport from their spouses.
8. If a person's hand in marriage to the line and turned over to the little finger to reach the person who encounters difficulties in marriage are considerable. Usually such a wedding is very difficult to be married to a man of the line that these people are significantly more likely to be unmarried.
9. At the end of the marriage line trident symbol is visible as the person who is loved very much by their spouses. This love becomes exorbitant. After a few years it is also indifferent to the individual spouses.
10. If a vertical line or lines are chopping marriage then this marriage is a sign of delays and obstacles.
11. Marriage bent upward line is not considered auspicious. If the line went a little turned up to get married if the person is too much interference, and marriage can not be happy married life.
If a person's hand in marriage, the distance between the line and the heart line is very short, such people are likely to be married at a young age. Usually the marriage line and the distance between the person's heart line indicates the age of marriage. The greater this distance between the two lines, the more time after marriage. Such possibilities are quite high.
12. If a person's hand in marriage is a cross on the line according to astrology palmistry spouses of people who can pass quickly.
13. If a group like marriage icon is visible on the line, it gives an indication of poor health of the spouses.
14. At the beginning of the marriage line is identical to that island life can be like an immoral relationship. Mark the end of the island so it is a bad sign for the health of spouses.
15. Marriage in the palm of a person at the beginning of the line if the mole is pointing to the bad health of the spouses. If this mole spouses for life deeper than it is pointing to the danger.

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