General effects, which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Sun


General effects, which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Sun, are as follows:

During the Maha Dasha of the Sun wealth is obtained through medicine, weapons, fire, Brahmins, land and royalty.

There is an increase in spiritualism, yantras and mantras.

Friendship with government employees will develop and their favourable attitude will help in getting work done.

Anxiety may prevail during this period.

There may be enmity with brothers, friends, and separation from spouse, son and father.

There may be fear due to thieves, fire, enemies and the government.

There may be ailments of the teeth, eyes and abdomen.

There may be decrease in the number of the servants and cattle (cows).

One will migrate and settle abroad.

Specific Interpretations:

Interpretations based on the conditions of the planet in the birth chart and divisional charts is as follows -

There may be unhappiness caused by the pain of venereal diseases, fever and mental anxiety.

There maybe hardships in the course of travelling and harm related to one's souse, children, wealth and land.

Father and paternal relatives may suffer from fear due to death, conflicts and disputes.

There is a possibility of punishment, fear and sorrow due to state displeasure.

Health may cause irritation and headaches may cause pain.

Fame may be attained due to education, one's family and the company of females cause happiness.

Parents will be happy.

State honors may be received.

Physical beauty may increase and one may get opportunities of going on pilgrimages and performing sacrifices.

Agricultural farming may be profitable, land and vehicles may be acquired.

Fame, state honors and good clothes may received.

One will mix with friends and family members, wealth may be acquired from others.

Progress may be attained through increase in ambitions and valor.

Success in important work and high authority may be acquired.

State honour and attainment of wealth bring happiness.

Friends may cause pain and brothers may be harmed.

A desire to attain high authority and power may arise.

Anger increases and gastric problems may cause pain.

One may be distanced from ones parents and friends.

Fame and popularity in the world may increase.

There is a possibility of being defeated and dominated by one's spouse.

Friends may suffer pain and cause pain too.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Sun in the Maha Dasha of Sun

One may attain some honor from the government/state and government contacts may be beneficial.

There will be an increase in authority and one may attain a high position.

One may acquire wealth either through war or by winning in some disputed matter.

The mind may be restless and one may travel abroad or take a holiday trip to some jungles.

Good effects like acquisition of wealth and grains, etc., are derived.

Adverse results will be experienced.

Medium effects will be realized.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Moon in the Maha Dasha of Sun

Authority, respect, honour and happiness may increase.

One may gain from the rich, business may be profitable and one may acquire all worldly comforts.

Wealth may be acquired from friends and family members. One may also attain clothes and ornaments.

Those in the opposition will be destroyed and enemies may be defeated.

Functions like marriage, etc., gain of wealth and property, acquisition of a house, of land, cattle and conveyances, etc

There will be marriage of the native, birth of children, beneficence of and favour from kings (the government) and fulfillment of all ambitions.

Distress of wife and children, failures in ventures, disputes with others, loss of servants, antagonism with the king (government), and destruction's of wealth and grains.

Effects like danger from water, mental agony, imprisonment, danger from diseases, loss of position, journeys to difficult places, disputes with coparceners, bad food, trouble from thieves, etc., displeasure of the king (government), urinary troubles, pains in the body will be experienced..

Luxuries, comforts, pleasures, dawn of fortune (Bhagyodaya), increase in the enjoyment from wife and children, acquisition of kingdom, performance of marriage and religious functions, gain of garments, land, and conveyance, and birth of children and grand children will be the auspicious effects.

Unpalatable food or course food, exile to outside places, etc.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Mars in the Maha Dasha of Sun

One may attain gains and respect from the state. One's status also increases.

Gold, jewels and garments are acquired and wealth increases.

Auspicious events take place at home and one is blessed with brothers.

One may be opposed to family members and acidity and other ailments may cause distress.

Auspicious effects like acquisition of land, gain of wealth and grains, acquisition of a house, etc.

All round gains, attainment of the position of a commander of the army, destruction of enemies, peace of mind, family comforts, and increase in the number of co-borns.

Brutality, mental ailment, imprisonment, loss of kinsmen, disputes with brothers, and failure in ventures.

Destruction of wealth by the displeasure of the king (government).

Diseases of the mind and body will result.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Rahu in the Maha Dasha of Sun

There will be business related tension and physical pain.

Enemies and family members may cause pain, one may lose one's position, or be demoted and the person may be unhappy.

There is a fear of adverse work, loss of public image, loss of wealth and fear of poison.

In the first two months there will be loss of wealth, danger from thieves, snakes, infliction of wounds, and distress to wife and children.

After 2 months inauspicious effects will disappear and enjoyment and comforts, sound health, satisfaction, favour from the king and government, etc., will be the favourable effect.

Recognition from the king (government), good fortune, name and fame, some distress to wife and children, birth of a son, happiness in the family, etc., will be derived.

Imprisonment, loss of position, danger from thieves and snakes, inflection of wounds, happiness to wife and children, destruction of cattle, house, and agricultural fields, diseases, consumption (Gulma : enlargement of the skin,) dysentery, etc., will be the result.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Jupiter in the Maha Dasha of Sun

Get respect from government and there will be promotion.

Acquire fame in education, have good friends and increase in knowledge.

One may be inclined towards good deeds, there is faith in gods and Brahmins and religious pilgrimages are undertaken.

One may be desirous of accumulating wealth, good clothes, gold and ornaments.

One may be blessed with a son and the son may acquire wealth and destroy enemies.

Marriage of the native, favours by the king (government) gain of wealth and grains, birth of a son, fulfillment of the ambitions by the beneficence of the sovereign and gain of clothes, will be the auspicious effects.

Acquisition of a kingdom (attainment of a high position in government), comforts of conveyance like palanquin (motor car in the present times,), gain of position, etc.

Better fortune, charities, religious inclinations, worship of deities, devotion to preceptor, and fulfillment of ambition.

Distress to wife and children, pains in the body, displeasure of the king (government), non-achievement of desired goals, loss of wealth due to sinful deeds, mental worries, etc.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Saturn in the Maha Dasha of Sun

The mind is agitated, there is defame in education and obstacles at work.

One may be enmical towards people, friends may oppose and one's wife and children may suffer pain.

One may fear the king and thieves. Laziness may increase.

One may suffer due to pain and due to a lowly means of earning one's living.

Destruction of foes, full enjoyment, some gain of grains, auspicious functions like marriage, etc., at home.

Well being, acquisition of more property, recognition by the king (government), achievement of renown in the country, gain of wealth from many sources.

Rheumatism, pains, fever, dysentery-like disease, imprisonment, loss in ventures, loss of wealth, quarrels, disputes with coparceners, claimants, etc.

There will be loss of friends at the commencement, good effects during the middle part and distress at the end of the Dasha. In addition to other evil effects, there will be separation from parents and wandering.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Mercury in the Maha Dasha of Sun

The mind is restless, there is a lack of enthusiasm.

Friends may cause pain and expenditure may increase.

Happiness is limited and people may be supportive.

One may suffer from skin ailments, itching and occasionally leprosy also.

Acquisition of a kingdom ( attainment of a high position in government), enthusiasm and vivacity, happiness from wife and children, acquisition of conveyance through the beneficence of the Sovereign, gain of clothes, ornaments, pilgrimage to holy places, acquisition of a cow, etc.

Mercury becomes very beneficial because of association with the lord of Dharm Bhava.

Reverence from and popularity amongst people, performance of pious deeds and religious rites, devotion to the preceptor and deities, increase in wealth and grains, and birth of a son.

Marriage, offering of oblations, charity, performance of religious rites, name and fame, becoming famous by assuming another name, good food, becoming happy like Indra by acquiring wealth , robes and ornaments.

Body distress, disturbance of peace of mind, distress to wife and children.

There will be evil effects at the commencement of the Antar Dasha, some good effects in the middle part of the Antar Dasha and the possibility of displeasure of the king and exile to a foreign country at the end of the Dasha.

There will be pain in the body and attacks of fever.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Ketu in the Maha Dasha of Sun

There may be problems related to business and the government.

There will be mental tension, physical pain and eye ailments.

If Ketu is associated with the lord of Lagna, distress in the middle part of the Antar Dasha, fear from enemies, loss of wealth.

Body Pains, mental agony, danger from the king (government), quarrels with the kinsmen, will be the effects of the Antar Dasha of Ketu in the Dasha of Sun.

Body Pain, mental agony, loss of wealth, danger from the king (government), quarrels with the kinsmen.

There will be some happiness at the commencement, distress in the middle part, and receipt of the news of death at the end of the Antar Dasha.

Disease of teeth or cheeks, urinary troubles, loss of position, loss of friends and wealth, death of father, foreign journey, and troubles from enemies.

Beneficial effects like happiness from wife and children, satisfaction, increase of friends, gain of clothes, etc., and renown.


Effect of the Antar Dasha of Venus in the Maha Dasha of Sun

Worldly comforts may be adversely affected.

One may acquire things produced by the sea.

One may seek the company of women, migrate, indulge in useless discussions, spend money for luxurious pleasures and conflicts in the house may take place.

Physical pain due to fever, headaches, earaches and other ailments are possible.

Marriage and happiness as desired from wife, gain of property, travels to other places, meeting with Brahmins and the king (government officials), acquisition of kingdom (attainment of a high position in government).

Riches, magnanimity and majesty, auspicious function at the home, availability of sweet preparations, acquisition of pearls and other jewels, clothes, cattle, wealth, grains and conveyances, enthusiasm, good reputation, etc.

Displeasure of the king mental agony and distress to wife and children.

The effects of the Antar Dasha would be moderate at its commencement, good during the middle portion and evil effects like disrepute, loss of position, inimical relations with kinsmen and loss of comforts, will be derived at the end.

There will be pains in the body and the possibility of suffering from disease.
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