Often people ask me about love marriage on this hand or not and i would say yes. Our hand tells so many thing which we can't recognize. Actually our palm is the mirror of our life and we find every thing on it . Talking about the love marriage indications there are cartain lines in our palm which indicates the love or relationship.

Figure 1(A):-  If your heart line is ditributed in to two directions it will indicate that u have good chance for being a good relationship and also love marriage .

Figure 1(B):- First finger of our palm is called the jupiter finger , if you find any cross on it then you have ample chance to get married with your lover .

Figure 1(C):-  Last but not the least there is a line between Little Finger (also called murcury Finger)
and the heart line indicate your relationship , marriage timing . If that line is curving towards the heart line then your relationship or marriage will be under 25 year of age and if that line curving towards little finger then your relationship will start after 25 year of age .

Hope you understand my words and now find your line in your hand .Facing any problems do connect with me ...  Leave your Feedback at comment box

Abhishek bhatnagar

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Abhishek bhatnagar

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