Diwali special remedies to attract the money

we are going to start a Diwali special remedies to attract the money series and today we are going to talk about some simple remedies to get the blessings of Maa Laxmi.

Diwali special remedies to attract the money

at the night of Deepavali after Pooja just blow the shank in every room of your house this will attract the positive energy in your house.

when you doing Lakshmi puja take 11  yellow kodi ,  wash this  Kodi in Gangaajal and offer to Mahalaxmi. next day just wrap up these  Kodi into  red cloth and place in your money place in other words locker.

When you doing Pooja take one red, one white hakik offer to Mahalaxmi that makes the moon and Mars Lakshmi yoga, after completing the pooja just put it this to on your locker. the finance problems never come by.

on the  Deepavali just buy a broom it will be a new broom, with this broom  wash the place where you put your lords .  on the 2nd day of the Deepavali start using this broom  you will   feel
that financial problems are decreasing.

on Diwali when the Kinner coming from baksheesh  all you can say  inaam , just give it to them and take one coin from them and put it in your cash box. this will increase your money.

on Dhanteras  make a paste of haldi and rice and write om On your main gate ,  just will attract the money.

so these are the some very simple remedies you can do it very easily , just perform this  and be a part of 99 advice  we are eager to serve you and provide you more information about Indians rituals, festivals and many more things. keeps subscribing the website and sharing this article to your social networking sites.  your support is necessary  to us  to make us motivate  to post more awesome articles.


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