Saturn in Different Signs and career Predication

The placement of saturn in the kundli at birth and its interaction with other planets gives a fair idea about that individual  profession and means of livelihood. Lets 12 sign what impact on that .

Saturn in Aries- Saturn is debilitated here , In keeping with the traits of aries , the naive is engaged in factory , machinery , metal and engineering work involving  physical labour and less return.

Saturn in Taurus -  This indicates enough earning through soft work , such as fiance , banking or trading in luxury goods.

Saturn in Gemini - The individual earn through intellectual pursuit like journalism , accountancy , auditing business , trade and communication work . He also get help form friends

Saturn in cancer - It indicates work connected with art  , writting travel , water milk , liquids and sea borne items .

Saturn in Leo - its indicates gov employment or some administrative work . As ruler of leo sign sun is inimal to saturn , the individual has to struggle is associated with or aspected by jupiter venus .

saturn in Virgo - one earns through intellectual pursuits commerce ,accuntancy , real estate and brokerge . He is very practical in business .

Saturn in Libra - Exalted saturn gives good profession , fame , status and wealth , when not conjoined with or aspected by mars or ketu . lawyers and judges have saturn in libra . The person may earn through banking and any soft work or as cinema .

Saturn in Scorpio - Saturn is not good here , the native may work in concerns in mines , minerals ,  engineering and agriculture involving physical energy or manual work.

Saturn in Sagittarius - the native is engaged in good profession related to law ,administration  or religion .

Saturn in Capricorn - The native earns through service travelling sales and food related business.

Saturn in Aquarius - The native may work is manger , teacher , astrologer and adviser.

Saturn in Pisces - The native is successful in the field of law , medicine and admin post ,doctor .

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