The fingers are considered long if they can fold back and touch a spotat least seven-eights of the way along the palm. Unfortunately, there are exceptions, as some people have extremely flexible hands while
others are very stiff. Also, someone with an extremely oblong palm may have long fingers that only reach halfway down the palm, as the palm itself is very long. With experience you’ll be able to look at someone’s palm and instantly know if the fingers are long or short.The problem comes when you’re first learning and find a hand with  fingers that seem to be neither long nor short. Fortunately, we can cover that situation as well.

Long Fingers

If the fingers are long, the person pays attention to detail and you can say:  “You enjoy complex work. You’re patient and enjoy all the fiddly bits – you like the details in things. Your work must be very consuming and gratifying. If it’s too simple you lose interest very quickly.”

Short Fingers

Someone with short fingers is almost the opposite. They’ll be more interested in the broad strokes rather than the details and won’t have much patience. You could say: “You’re always busy. Sometimes you may start something new before you’ve  finished the last task. You often have several things on the go at the same time. You tend to want everything right now, so patience is not your strong suit. Yourimpulsiveness has gotten you into trouble in the past. In
some ways you are a jack-of-all-trades.”

Medium Length Fingers

Naturally, someone with fingers that are neither long nor short will fall into a middle category. You might say: “At times you can be very patient. However, at other times you’re inclined to jump first and think later. If something really interests you, you want to get right down to the bottom of it and work it all out. If it’s only a passing interest, you’re more inclined to skim over it and not learn it in much detail.
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