Videsh Yatra in your palm , travel abroad in palm

Most individuals that they have the desire to travel abroad. If too many attempts to go abroad but very few people are able to fulfill this dream. The lines show of hands whether or not the sum of your foreign travel.

According to astrology Venus sector in the hands, the thumb area in front of the moon is the other side of the palm. Well, imagine the lunar field strength, intellectual ability, aptitude, art shows, etc. Love.

- If the individual imaginations of advanced lunar region is quite good. He is the art lover.

- If the moon is buried region is much lower then that person's imagination. He can not do any more interest.

- Highly advanced to the Lunar sphere and health line if flawed person, headache, mental illness can be as Paglppan. Can worsen a person's mental state is such that he can even attempt suicide.

See how yoga travel abroad ...

- If your hand is life and life after the variable region of the coming Lunar some lines, these lines are a reflection of the person to travel abroad yoga. Line will be long and deep as the sum of foreign travel is considered more potent.

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