Jupiter gives Knowledge, Technology, Success in a good decent way, thought, high-ambition, works for folks, social work, high articles in a city or perhaps town (mayor or perhaps chairman), progress and advancement in social and spiritual work, salvation from all risks, arthritis or rheumatism, hairy body.

spacious and clean with no irrelevant line, then it is stated to be good and favourable. If the mount consists of cross or rectangle, He/She will become married to a wealthy family from which He'll get money.

then you certainly are a born leader. Great leaders of the united states, MP, your character is in a way that you cannot perform anything consuming others. you will earn lots of money.


Indicates that someone shall love you with total devotion. These persons will fall in strong love in their life surely.
An indicator of happy marriage,
It indicate overseas travell (However the luck line ought to be good).
Minor cross minimal aims.

Two crosses on this mount shall indicate a person who have two types of nature. Such persons might not understand his/her real life.
Nonetheless it speaks about loose morals as well.
It can help in education.Largely such people are certain to get education upto Masters degree(if their thumb is decent)

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